AG2 WhatsAPP Pink APK Download Latest Version 2023

APP NameAG2 WhatsAPP
Latest VersionV35.10
DeveloperAssem Mahjoub
Size52 MB

AG2 WhatsApp 2023 is a colorful version of of AGWhatsapp created by Assem Mahgoub. It’s unique because it comes in a lovely pink color and offers pretty themes. In this post, we’ll share a direct link for you to download the latest AG2 WhatsApp version. You can discover all the fun new features it brings, making chatting more enjoyable and lively!

There are a lot of versions but some of them are most famous. You can not use all of them. So, only install the version you like the most. We have provided all the versions. Now its upto you which version you choose. I would suggest you to download the AG2 Whatsapp because you will love its astonishing functions as well as its appearance.

Why AG2WhatsAPP Pink?

AG2 WhatsApp is loved by many girls because it comes in a beautiful pink color. Girls really like this color, so they use AG2 WhatsApp more often. The pink color adds a nice touch, making chatting more enjoyable for them.

Key Features of AG2 WhatsAPP:

1) Share Multiple Pictures:

Unlike the regular WhatsApp, AG2 allows users to select and send multiple photos in a single go, making it convenient and efficient for sharing memories and moments with friends and family.

Share-images-to-external-apps-WhatsApp-AG2.png (1)

2) Save Media to Gallery

You can save media directly to your phone’s gallery. This means that when you receive photos, videos, or other media files through AG2 WhatsApp, you can easily save them to your device without any hassle. This feature makes it convenient for users to keep their favorite pictures and videos for later viewing or sharing outside the app.

WhatsApp-AG2-Save-to-Gallery.png (1)

3) Multiple Pink Themes

AG2 WhatsApp also offers a variety of pink themes to choose from. Users can select from multiple pink-themed options to personalize the look and feel of their messaging app. This feature allows users to customize their AG2 WhatsApp experience to match their preferred shade of pink, adding a touch of personalization and style to their conversations.

Pink-Themes-WhatsApp-AG2.png (1)

4) View All Messages:

The “View All Messages” feature in AG2 WhatsApp allows users to see all their messages in one place. Instead of scrolling through individual chats, this feature provides a centralized view where users can quickly access and review all their messages from different contacts and groups. It streamlines the messaging experience, making it easier to manage conversations and stay updated on all incoming messages. This feature is also available in AG3 WhatsAPP.

View-All-Messages-WhatsApp-AG2.png (1)

5) Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers

AG2 WhatsApp also enables users to send messages to unsaved phone numbers. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, which requires contacts to be saved in your phone’s address book, AG2 WhatsApp allows you to directly message phone numbers even if they are not saved as contacts. This feature is convenient for one-time or temporary communications, such as reaching out to businesses or services without the need to save their contact information permanently.

Text-Unsaved-Numbers-WhatsApp-AG2.png (1)

6) Built-in Lock Feature:

AG2 WhatsApp comes with a built-in lock feature, enhancing the app’s security and privacy. With this built-in lock, users can set a passcode or use biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or face recognition) to lock and unlock the app. This ensures that only authorized users can access their messages and media within AG2 WhatsApp, providing an additional layer of protection for their private conversations and files. This features is also available in WA GB for for Android.

Lock-WhatsApp-AG2.png (1)

How to Download AG2 WhatsAPP on Android?

1. First of all, click on the above download button to download the APK file

2. Go to Phone Settings> Security> Enable the option “Allow from this source”.

install-unkown-apps-ag2whatsapp.png (1)

3. Once downloaded the APK file, click on the file and then click on “Install”

install-ag2whatsapp.png (1)

4. After you have installed the app, click on “Open”.


5. Enter your phone number, verify it and then use all the functions of the app.


How to Update AG2WhatsApp?

  1. Uninstall the old version from your device
  2. Click on the above download button to download the updated version
  3. Now, go to your download folder and click on the APK file you just downloaded
  4. Click on the install button as you install the old version
  5. Once you have installed the latest version, you can use all of its features

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