AG3 WhatsAPP APK Download Latest Version for Android 2023

APP NameAg3 WhatsApp
DeveloperAsim Mahjoub
Size60.8 MB
Latest VersionV33
Last updatedOct 1, 2023

AG3 WhatsAPP is the new beta version of AGWhatsapp which is not very popular among the users. Most of the people prefer to use the old versions because they are not familiar with the new version.

Key Features of AG3 WhatsAPP:

Here are the features of the app.

1. Multiple Pink Themes:

AG3 WhatsApp offers a diverse selection of pink-themed designs, allowing users to personalize their app interface according to their preferences.

2. Enhanced Media Sharing:

Users can share multiple pictures, videos, and documents simultaneously, streamlining the process of exchanging media files.

3. Built-in Lock and Privacy:

AG3 WhatsApp provides robust security with built-in lock options, including passcodes and biometric authentication, ensuring user data privacy.

4. Message Customization:

Users can customize messages with various fonts, colors, and styles, adding a creative touch to their conversations.

5. Sending Messages to Unsaved Numbers:

AG3WhatsApp allows users to send messages to unsaved phone numbers directly, making communication with businesses or services more straightforward.

6. Improved Media Management:

Users can efficiently organize and categorize media files within the app, simplifying the process of locating and sharing photos, videos, and documents.

7. Customizable Chat Wallpapers:

Users can set personalized wallpapers for individual chats or group conversations, creating visually appealing and unique chat environments.

8. Status Updates:

AG3 WhatsApp includes the ability to post status updates, allowing users to share their thoughts, photos, or videos with their contacts for a limited duration.

9. Group Chat Features:

Users can enjoy advanced features in group chats, such as custom group names, icons, and descriptions, making it easier to manage and identify different group conversations.

10. Enhanced Backup and Restore:

AG3 WhatsApp offers improved backup and restore options, ensuring that users can securely back up their chats, media, and settings and easily restore them when needed.

11. Auto-Reply

This feature allows users to set automatic responses for incoming messages. Users can create customized replies for specific contacts, groups, or during certain time periods. This proves especially useful when users are unable to respond immediately, ensuring that senders receive a prompt acknowledgment or response even when the user is unavailable. The Auto Reply feature enhances user convenience, enabling seamless communication without the worry of missed messages.

How to Use AG3 WhatsAPP?

To use this app, you will have to uninstall the official WhatsAPP and then you can download this app from the above download button. After installing the APK file on your android device, you can use all of its features without any disturbance.

Pros & Cons:

Multiple Pink Themes for PersonalizationLimited Official Support and Updates
Enhanced Media Sharing with EasePotential Security Concerns
Built-in Lock Options for PrivacyCompatibility Issues on Some Devices
Message Customization for Creative ChattingMissing Official Features
Sending Messages to Unsaved NumbersRisk of Account Suspension
Improved Media Organization and SharingDependency on Third-Party Sources
Customizable Chat WallpapersLimited Support for Emerging Technologies
Status Updates to Share ThoughtsPotential Bugs and Glitches in Unofficial Versions
Advanced Group Chat Features
Auto Reply Function for Convenience

How to Download AG3 WhatsApp for Android?

  • First of all, uninstall the regular WhatsAPP
  • Click on the above button to download the latest version of AG3WhatsAPP
  • Once downloaded, go to download folder of your device
  • Click on the APK file
  • It will ask you to install the app
  • Click on the Install button
  • Once installed, enter your phone number
  • Verify your number by entering OTP
  • Once you have registered your phone number, open the app and use it

Other Alternative Versions:


1. What is AG3 WhatsApp?

AG3 WhatsApp is a modified version of it parent version, offering additional features such as multiple pink themes, enhanced media sharing, and customization options. It provides a unique and personalized messaging experience for users.

2. Is AG3 WhatsApp safe to use?

While AG3 WhatsApp offers various features, it’s crucial to note that unofficial versions like AG3 WhatsApp might lack the security measures of the official app. Use it with caution, and be aware of potential security risks associated with unofficial applications.

3. Can I use AG3 WhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp?

Yes, AG3 WhatsApp can typically be used alongside the official WhatsApp on the same device. However, be aware that using multiple WhatsApp versions might lead to conflicts and issues. It’s essential to follow guidelines provided by the app developer to prevent any problems.

5. Will I receive updates for AG3 WhatsApp?

Updates for unofficial WhatsApp versions, including AG3 WhatsApp, are not provided through official app stores. Users need to regularly check the source from where they downloaded the app for updates. Always ensure you’re downloading updates from a reliable and secure source to avoid potential security threats.

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