Anime Fox Blue Mod VIP APK Latest Version – 2022

App NameAnime Fox
App Versionv1.48
Size14 MB
Android Support4.0 and up
Last updated18 Nov, 2021
Mod ByRancid-X

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Get access to thousands of good Anime movies by downloading Anime Fox blue Mod APK VIP version to your phone. It is also free and has plenty of other cool features. 

What is Anime Fox Mod APK?

The anime watch application anime Fox allows you to watch anime movies online, subtitled, in HD with full HD image quality, and many other attractive features, giving you a perfect anime watching experience, on your android phone or on your TV.

Features of AnimeFox:

Anime, the world for only those who enter 

Anime is a highly developed, colorful world that can be regarded as a separate existence. The majority of you, however, will most likely become absorbed in it if you’re fortunate enough to get caught up in it. 

Simple, easy-to-use interface 

There are four main menu items on AnimeFox’s homepage: Categories, Discover, Trending, and Series. Each tab’s content is displayed in the middle part of the screen taking up a large area. There are smaller tabs at the bottom including Discover, Ranking, Collections, Favorites, and Settings. 

There is no limit as to what you can watch on AnimeFox. You can choose among Action, Animation, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Family, History, Music… 

Huge movie store 

The anime streaming service Anime Fox lets you watch anime online for free and with full subtitles. All movies include subtitles as well as voiceovers in several different languages. It is especially suitable for those who want to learn a foreign language by watching movies. 

Fans of anime are familiar with AnimeFox because of its reliable movie store, full HD movie quality, simple interface, and many other useful extras. You can watch all the movies on the list above, and there are thousands to choose from. 

High quality Anime

AnimeFox uploads all anime movies “without cutting” and always with subtitles. In other anime viewing applications, you will not be able to see the original movie in all its glory, so you won’t have to worry about it. 

Furthermore, the application downloads movies very quickly. An application that uses good internet keeps a stable connection without the user waiting too long or having to navigate many stages. It takes just a few seconds to choose a movie, and then you will see a masterpiece on your screen. 

Find movies and create your own list 

In addition to a movie filter function, Anime Fox allows finding movies by many criteria: genre, country of production, name of famous character. Simply by remembering some details about the movie, you can easily locate them. It’s both saving time searching and giving fast, accurate results. 

Following your search, you can quickly glance at ratings below the screen menu bar for each movie. You can save the movie to your Favorites so you can watch it next time if you haven’t watched it already. With AnimeFox, you can now create your own personal movie library. 

It allows you to not only save your favorite movies for future viewing, but also to manage the movies you are currently watching, watching, and about to watch. The next episode will thus also be easier to track or receive updates about. Four or more movies watched simultaneously will satisfy those who enjoy watching them because otherwise it would be so confusing. 

AnimeFox can also synchronize viewing history and Favorites lists across a range of devices that have AnimeFox downloaded and signed in with the same account. These lists are also automatically uploaded to Google Drive ensuring you don’t lose any historical data, even if you reinstall the app. 

MOD APK version of Anime Fox

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Benefits of Premium version?

  • No ads.
  • Premium Anime Sources

App Screenshots:

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Eveshan Chetty:

Dissatisfied – this is a serious downgrade from the previous version which, infuriatingly, is no longer available and no longer works. As a lifetime premium user, I can say with confidence that the functionality of the new version is not worth the continued use of the app. The interface has completely changed and you cannot retrieve your watching history. Furthermore I paid for the premium version to eliminate all the ads which has now gone to waste. I can no longer recommend this app to anyone.

Reviewed By Richa Lintad:

Whats wrong with this new version of anime fox. the old one is more better I cant even watch a single anime bcuz its always loading it wont open, it should be the new ver, is more better than the old ver.. but what happen. the new ver.. is worse than the old this is my favorite app to watch anime plzz fix this I can give this app five star..thank u

Reviewed By Chesca Marish:

I hate this new version, the old one is better. I was about to watch then it keeps loading I waited almost 5 minutes but nothing happened, I tried to refresh it but also nothing happened I also have a good signal so the wife is not a problem. Please fix this.

Reviewed By Letho Mavimbela:

There is a real problem with the app before I was satisfied it could download anime and played anime there only a few problems now that it updated I can’t watch any anime it just keeps loading which defeats the whole thing because the app is for watching anime and I really liked this app before the update please fix it. Reviews Source

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Download AnimeFox MOD APK for Android

Support tools are essential for every passion. The most important consideration for anime fans is a minimalist, easy-to-use anime animation viewing application with many great support features, in particular an extremely rich movie store. Don’t delay, download Anime Fox Mod APK now! 

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