Armed Heist TPS MOD APK Menu + OBB (Immortality)

In Armed Heist: Shooting Gun Game, you play a series of sacred action games. Upon joining this world, you will become a highly competent bank robber, revealing your shooting talent. The application prepares you with the necessary skills, such as robbery, shooting, and ducking bullets, as you perform harsh battles and various challenges. The payment SDK feature of this software has been updated for ease of use.


Practicing your shooting skills is easy with Armed Heist. As you train and have fun in the shooting village, you can become a hero while taking on professional challenges. In this brutal world, players can customize and transform weapons. Your next step is to use the skills you have learned to enter the banks yourself. It depends on your ability and how you handle the situation. You will receive many attractive rewards if you succeed, including gold, money, and other rewards.


As the player of Armed Heist, you will become a cruel thug who is always thinking of ways to become the most formidable bank robbers who make everyone fear you. This requires you to kill many enemies, fire the shots first, and go to large banks for money. If the police or those who are always on the righteous path fire scary shots, you’ll be the first out.


The terrain and challenges of Armed Heist will be diverse, so prepare carefully. There are many unexpected traits that will appear in each bank robbery mission, depending on your skill level and level of training with guns. You will be placed in a simple space or bank where there are few employees and lax security, for example, because your shooting skills are still weak.

It will automatically install in a space with a complex layout and police officers if the user has a super skill of using a gun. This allows players to hone their own talents while also maximizing their abilities.


As part of Armed Heist, players will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of outfits. Different outfits, masks, and bulletproof vests can be replaced.

As well as high-quality 3D images, the application includes immersive gameplay as well. You will see vivid, attractive images that will make this application look like an action movie.


Third-person shooters are some of the most stimulating games in the world of gaming. When fighting, the camera will revolve around the character you selected. During combat, make the action realistic and dynamic, making the user feel like he or she is actually committing a bank robbery and shooting a gun. Let’s face that challenge together.

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