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It is likely that your Android device will accumulate junk files and unnecessary cache data over time. But normal users can’t spend all their time looking through every single folder and touching every app. As an alternative, you can use the useful mobile application of Avast Cleanup Mod APK, which will assist you with the difficult tasks, while you simply need to hit the delete button to clean everything up.

In this wonderful mobile application, Avast Cleanup allows Android users to easily erase junk files and unnecessary caches within minutes, or even seconds, if the device is not too slow. The device’s performance will certainly be enhanced, and you’ll have more storage space and a cleaner system. Avast Cleanup also features a number of amazing features that are covered in the following articles.

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What are its functions?

Avast Cleanup allows Android users to benefit from a full-featured Android cleaner and optimizer app on their mobile devices, that thoroughly removes junk files from the system while freeing up the system’s resources, allowing for full performance boosting.

Allow it to free up your storage space so you have more room to store your files. Detoxify your photos by using the options available in the program. Utilise the RAM Cleaner tools to consistently reduce memory usage from unnecessary applications. Kill certain instances of unnecessary apps to minimise system resource consumption. Your battery will also last longer with all these optimised operations.

Aside from keeping an eye on your entire system, through the overview menu, you can also see your available apps, their status, the media files on your system and their present space allocations, along with many useful actions you can perform easily within the app.


Avast Cleanup is now available at no cost on the Google Play Store for those of you who are interested. Start improving your system’s hardware once you download and begin working with its basic features. You will have to make in-app purchases for premium upgrades if you want to enjoy the full app.

Make sure the mobile app also has all the necessary access permissions, which are required to enable certain features and functions within the app and allow them to function correctly. In addition to the latest firmware updates, Avast Cleanup also requires your system to run at its latest state to ensure stability and compatibility.

Key Features of Avast Cleanup Mod Apk:

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Free up storage space with the available tools

As a starting point, Android users in Avast Cleanup can use the available tools to clean up their system. It is as simple as letting the app analyse the size and type of your system storage to determine if any data can be purged.

Allow it to discover and analyse different types of data, including their sizes and file formats, etc. Afterward, you can boost your storage space by quickly deleting the unnecessary files from the analysed storage and boost the device’s performance.

You can easily clean up your system by removing space-wasting junk. The operation will take into account all unnecessary files, app cache, temporary files, and left-over data. Learn which apps are taking up the most space or those you no longer use, so you can delete them quickly.

In the meantime, you can also work on your photo and video libraries on your devices. Utilising Avast Cleanup’s features, you can easily perform a quick storage defragmentation. A smart detection in this app determines if a photo is bad (blurry, poorly lit, duplicated, etc.) and asks you to delete it.

You can easily filter your library and display only the best photos from the group with one simple tap. Additionally, you can also upload the original photos online to your cloud drives so you won’t lose them.

In addition to the media files, they will be sorted by source folders or by size. This will let you easily choose to delete the videos and photos you do not need or are taking up too much space on your storage, if necessary.

Improve system performances with the RAM Cleaner

As well as improving the system’s performance, Avast Cleanup also offers a powerful tool called RAM Cleaner. It will help you clean up app instances that are no longer needed, so that the system will run more efficiently.

In this way, you can keep system resources for other apps, such as RAM, CPU, traffic, and many others, by preventing hungry apps from consuming your system resources. This ensures that other apps function properly. In addition, the app will also allow you to completely remove data from pre-installed bloatware and apps that you no longer use.

Quick overview over all available apps on the system

Alternatively, if you want to manage the system from an app perspective, you can always access the App Overview menu, which displays all the information about the apps on your system.

In addition, you can enable the draining app analysis, which provides you with in-depth usage statistics as well as analysis of app growth since installation, notifications, draining app instances, and more. As a result, you’ll be able to draw more accurate conclusions about the apps’ performances.

By tapping the clean option on the App Overview menu, you can uninstall a certain application. Alternatively, you can uninstall updates on pre-installed system apps that you cannot delete without root access. These steps ensure that these apps will not consume any more system resources and data.

Improve battery life for a longer run time

Similarly to AVG Cleaner, you can significantly increase the battery life of your Android system by enabling all these optimizations and clean up processes. In this way, unnecessary phone functions and app instances will no longer constantly run in the background to drain your battery inefficiently.

 In addition, the clean up feature lets you immediately free system RAM without any problem. Alternatively, you can save and enable the different profiles featuring your preferred settings for app optimizations, which will also result in different battery run times.

Useful device manager tools to work with

If you’re interested, you can now utilise the useful device manager tools within Avast Cleanup, which make it simple for you to monitor the system and take quick actions when needed.

You will find all of the important details regarding the devices and their operations on the System Screen. Make sure your system is still operating properly by taking a quick look at the provided data.

By temporarily stopping app instants from running, you can improve battery life and improve the performance of your device. The system can be optimised without deleting certain apps.

Additionally, the system can be cleaned using the Safe Clean feature without causing too much trouble. By selecting the clean feature, you will be able to remove unwanted data, system caches, and gallery thumbnails. An active search is done within the app to determine which files should be deleted and which should be whitelisted.

Last but not least, Avast Cleanup now provides Android users with a useful Cleaning Adviser feature, which will provide a quick overview of their phones and solve any problems while cleaning them for free.

Many premium features to make the app more powerful

Avast Cleanup can now be used to its full extent with the premium features of the mobile app.

 If you upgrade the application, you can start enjoying the ad-free application, which will not interrupt your in-app experience. As well, only Premium users will be able to utilise the mentioned Hibernation mode.

Depending on where you are, you can adjust the battery usage. Multitasking won’t be interrupted by automated cleaning operations. Scan the system thoroughly with the Deep Clean feature. If you run into any trouble, you can contact Avast directly.

In addition, the cool themes with unique and interesting colour schemes will make working with the mobile app much more enjoyable.

Enjoy the premium app for free with our mod

We are now offering a modified version of Avast Cleanup on our website for those who would like the full version of the app without paying the premium prices. We present here the unlocked professional features that can be used by any Android user without paying a fee. All you need to do is download the Avast Cleanup Mod APK, follow the instructions, and start optimising your devices.

Let’s Wrap this up:

Avast Cleanup will allow Android users to optimise their systems with its simple yet highly functional features and its interactive and accessible user interface.

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