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App NameBleach Brave Souls
PublisherKLab Global Pte. Ltd.
Size75 MB
Latest VersionV13.2.1
Mod FeatuersOne hit, Unlimited Money
Last UpdatedToday

The unique hack-n-slash system in Bleach Brave Souls 3D (MOD, Mega Menu) provides players with the best action-adventure experience. The latest Version V12.1.3, and V13.1.3 are the most famous versions of the game. It is also compatible with iOS devices. The game is in god mod.

There is a beautiful scene where Grim Reaper and Hollow fight in Bleach: Brave Souls. It will please fans of the anime series of the same name since the game is filled with quests that tie into the game’s plot.

Furthermore, players will discover and power up their characters using an innovative character system. Different game modes will challenge you with powerful opponents.

A classic game for Android that lets you kill off ghosts that stand in your way while also following an epic storyline that recreates some of the most memorable moments from the franchise.

Become a ferocious team and unlock epic special attacks. In the game, you can combine characters to make new characters that you would never have imagined.

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Bleach brave souls mod apk
Bleach brave souls mod apk


You can tell right away which anime this game is based on by looking at the name. There are stunning cutscenes during the gameplay that are based on the anime film. As such, players who are fans of the anime will encounter and remember the wonderful times watching each episode with completely unmissable content when enjoying the game.

The story of Bleach Brave Souls Mod APK concerns supernatural beings known as Shinigami (Grim Reaper) and Hollow, entities empathetic to human beings but very dangerous to them.

During the course of the story, Rukia, a Grim Reaper, meets Ichigo, a 15-year-old boy. After becoming acquainted with a mighty Hollow, Rukia couldn’t resist encountering one; it was also a chance for Ichigo to embark on a new path as an apprentice Grim Reaper.


Bleach’s gameplay appeals to players, and its levels are hard to ignore. It is a third-person shooter in which the player controls the character and freely moves inside the 3D environment, where enemies are always waiting for the player to confront them.

In the right corner of the screen, you will be able to see the essential skills you will use to attack them. All in all, it is up to the player to use their skills.

It is possible to detect powerful attacks from enemies by identifying many signs that are present in this game. Red areas indicate these areas, which you should try to dodge and avoid at all costs.

The player will therefore spend time improving his control skills. No doubt, it will be difficult for you to turn away from the game’s experience and focus on completing the level.

Because your enemies are always getting stronger, you need to have these skills. It is also impossible for fans of Bleach Brave Souls to ignore the skills each character uses and how excellently they perform their Bankai.

As you progress through different matches, your characters’ levels will rise, giving you new abilities when you face the enemies in the later challenges.

Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline Mod Apk Unlimited Spirit Orbs
Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline Mod Apk Unlimited Spirit Orbs


Bleach Brave Souls has two major types of gameplay: PVE and PVP. As players progress through levels in Story mode, they will face many enemies known as Hollows. 3D action mode is also available.

During the game, there will also be a new mode, Epic Raid, whose level differs from the previous modes. These bosses will have plenty of blood and impact a lot of damage, ensuring you have plenty of experience with them.

By capturing the moves of the enemies you face and the factors associated with the red areas, you can overcome these factors. Thus, it is important that you attack them from the right angle. A team of three can also participate in PVP matches together with other players. It’s difficult to anticipate your opponent’s skills, so you’ll have to prepare an impressive squat before starting the game.


When you play this game, you’ll find characters you like as well as Grim Reaper characters and Espadas Hollows powered by Grim Reaper. You will also need to collect them through a similar mechanism to gacha. Characters with varying star levels will be unlocked using your resources, and the level limit will also be affected by star level.

Its counter element makes it a game you can’t ignore. There are five classes of characters, including three with triangular counters and two with mutual counters. The squad must consist of different characters to satisfy the requirements for battle and the collectible element. To use their full power, you will need to increase their level to the maximum.

Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline Mod Apk
Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline Mod Apk

How to play Bleach Brave Souls 3D Latest Version?

It won’t matter if you have seen BLEACH on TV or not, you’ll still be a new player to the game and you’ll need some tips to make sure you reach your goals. Here are our top tips for playing the game most effectively.

Try to earn three stars: 

The amount of stars you can earn on a level depends on how you play it. As a general rule, one star signifies that you passed that particular level, while two or three stars indicate extra efforts and bonus missions. When you’re in a tight spot, you can summon your allies using these stars. When you’re in desperate need of assistance, make sure you get as many stars as you can.

Complete the quests:

Quests are not always necessary, but it is helpful when you follow them. Completing quests will reward you with prizes, and this is going to become invaluable to you as the difficulty in the game increases. If you complete quests, you may receive cash, soul tickets, and more.

Master the dodge roll:

To avoid an enemy attack, you should prepare to roll when your enemies are preparing to attack. You can tell when they’re about to attack you by their flashing red lights – this is the time to launch into a roll.

By attacking first, and then dodging your opponent’s attacks, you will ensure that you are doing as much damage and not losing much health. To master this technique, you’ll need to practice a bit, but it is totally worth it.

Give up characters you don’t need:

Some characters just aren’t right for you. In such situations, sacrificing them allows another character to gain experience. An essential character can really benefit from an augmentation in the game, allowing them to gain quick and easy experience.

Learn the hierarchy. 

As in Pokémon, the game follows a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ hierarchy. You should have a diverse team to be able to deal with different opponents who wear different colors so that you can win against them. Compared to green, red beats it, blue beats it, and green it beats all of them. It’s easy to overlook, but it’s simple. Don’t ignore it!

Bleach Brave Souls 3D
Bleach Brave Souls 3D

User Reviews:

“To be honest, the game itself isn’t bad. Progressing to passable levels takes a huge amount of grinding, and to be good you must keep up to date every week, for some meta-breaking character. Old characters quickly become redundant because of that. However, the main gameplay is fun and ultimately very lax. Most old features are slowly being revisited, too. In the end, it’s a strict Gacha game. I’d only advise you to be very patient, and prepare to invest your time if you want high-level gameplay.” By Hollow Ichigo

“I have been playing for 4 years, I cannot stand the new update. Link slot lvls should just be displayed as a small number at the top right 1(10 10 10), 2 (15 15 15), or 3(20 20 20). Don’t change the color for existing identifications, instead you should add a blue or golden color respectfully for full link slot 20 or 15. The new changes just make it jarring to look at and somehow harder to get information. And please don’t keep the lvl green, people max transcend characters to get purple text.” By OtakuSama

“Hello Klab, I am a long time player of almost 2 years now and enjoy your game to this day. The only complaint I have is the new update with the colour level system. the indication of the potion level is great, can you keep that in the game and please return the old colour indication on the character’s level to red and purple instead of every character remaining green. Thanks enjoy your game.” By Barend Brand

“Fun gameplay lots to collect and lots to do with new original content constantly being added the only thing holding it from a 5 star are the micro transactions. I’ve been playing for a long time and have gone through all the available non-limited time content and although I did this without spending money on the game the micro transactions are constantly being shaved down my throat and things like new characters feel unobtainable without spending money on soul orbs.” By nathan reed. Review Source

Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline
Bleach Brave Souls 3D Offline

What’s New in the Latest Version?

We regularly update our game with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

This update includes:
New features

Offline Mode
Improvements to existing features
Minor bug fixes

See in-game notices for details.

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You can also download the game from blackmod, Platinmods, and Android Republic.

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