Cartoon Wars 2 1.1.2 Hack Mod APK Unlimited Money 2022

Game NameCartoon Wars 2
Latest VersionV1.1.2
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money / Gems
Last UpdatedToday

‘Cartoon Wars 2’ uses an intriguing and twisted plot to create an experience you will never forget. It discusses a kingdom whose inhabitants were unhappy with their ruler and expelled him. This kingdom’s army was under the command of its new king. In spite of being denied power by the people, the king refused to ask and promised to reclaim the throne.

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In order to punish all the dissatisfied, he has gathered a powerful horde. At this point, civilians are at great risk, and the enraged army of the ex-king must be stopped. This game will appeal to those who enjoy fierce confrontations.

Introduction to Cartoon war 2 Mod APK

This game was created by Gamevil. A fantastic strategy game, it was specially designed for Android devices. The game falls under the category of Arcade Games, so it belongs to the Mod Apk Rexdl category. Furthermore, the premium Cartoon wars mod APK files are accessible, making the game even more appealing to players. There is a unique plot to Cartoon Wars 2 Revdl.

Game Play:

Cartoon Wars 2 Mod Apk has a lot of features, as the name implies. Gamers can choose themes about cartoons shown on their screen while playing and when choosing a theme. By structuring the game around a cartoon’s theme, the developer creates a game that is both user-friendly and more fun to play.

Players are given limited or minimal options on the screen as they play or launch the game. Unlike other games that have advertisements, Cartoon Wars 2 contains no ads. Therefore, it is more appealing and the game is smoother.

This is an easy game to play, since the player only needs to defend himself from monsters attacking him. Starting the game involves selecting between the three modes of play: Quick mode, Hello mode, and Special mode. Making a strategy first is all that it takes, and then building the towers in a comparative manner, and suddenly fighting the enemy if he comes near. Using and understanding the controls is much easier than in other games.

Features of Cartoon Wars 2 Mod APK

An Easy Game

It is a simple game to play. Before starting the game, many people look up how to play. Many games aren’t very simple to play because of this. As for Cartoon Wars 2 Apk, no research is required. This game is simple yet addictive.

Multiple Heroes

A game generally has one main character, or hero. In this case, there are multiple heroes to choose from. On the other hand, in the game only around six heroes are available. Users must select one. Each hero has his own special ability in Cartoon Wars 2 Mod Apk Revdl.

Different Modes Available

A key feature of Cartoon Wars is its modes. There are three modes to choose from. Our Quick mode is one of the options for players who want an immediate game. Hell mode is another option. There are challenges in this mode. Last but not least is the particular mode. There are different prizes in a unique mode.

Offline Mode

There are many games that are not playable without internet access, as we know. Using offline mode, however, we can still play the game offline. The game is equally enjoyable both online and offline.

Game that’s free

There are many paid games. Hence, this game is free of charge. It’s free to download and use, so a player can enjoy its features without paying anything.

No limit to level adjustments

Cartoon Wars 2 Mod APK also has a feature called Adjust level. By using this feature, a player can set the difficulty level to meet his or her own requirements. There are many challenges in the game. To challenge their opponents, players can choose from a selection of challenges that are tough, medium, or easy.

Unlimited Events

Another exciting feature is events. A player can participate in these events. As a reward for winning an event, a player can unlock a number of rewards.


Graphics are also a key component. It is the graphics and user interface that players check out first when they download this game. Due to its 2D graphics quality, Cartoon War 2 makes for an exciting battle experience.

Skills development

Through learning new skills and upgrading their hero and units, a player can advance in the game.

Customization without limits

The game Cartoon Wars 2 Mod APK includes eighty different units that a player can customise according to their preferences. All units have different abilities.

Unlimited Upgrades

Among the options in the game is upgrading the castle. Defensive castle upgrades vary in level from 1 to 20.

Unlimited Gold 

The game features an unlimited gold feature that allows the players to access all of the gold in the game with Cartoon Wars 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems. Further, this Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems provides seamless opportunities to purchase different items with gold.

Strategic Tower Defence

In the game Cartoon Wars 2, players can strategically gather their army and destroy the opponent’s unit. The player has the option of arrows. Therefore, a player uses an arrow launcher to defend their castle.

Upgrade your units

As the player evolves and combines, he acquires strong people. By leveling and enhancing the unit, a player can boost the unit.

How to install Cartoon Wars 2?

  • Download the mod file from the above button
  • Uninstall the official version if you are an existing user
  • Go to mobile setting
  • Allow unknown resources
  • Install the apk file
  • Once installed, open and play the game

Game Reviews 2022:

“I played this game long ago as a child. It was very enjoyable since the game wasn’t too grindy and was a decent game overall. However, this game is a shell of its former self. Prices for unlocking new things is ridiculous and you get barely any gold. It honestly feels like the game is trying to force you to buy gold with real money. I give this game 3 stars since the game was once enjoyable, however it is now a game that has been abused.” By EamonXL

“A great game. Nice follow up to its predecessor. Takes a while to get gold, but I don’t mind. I wish Cartoon Wars 3 turned out to be something better. For now, I think Cartoon Wars 2 will take the place in my eyes.” By Adam Co

“Very fun and exciting. I love the animation and how the wars are set. Its a pretty amazing game. It deserves five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” By Nyathi Bokale Dunhill

“there is no freedom in this game, you must obey everything the game gave to you, even if you don’t want to play hero mode, you can’t run from it if the game order you to do so, very hard to earn gold, but you can’t repeat the stage you cleared before, and every hero/soldier is very expensive. if there is way to buy gold, may be that’s the only way you can win this game to the next stage” By Vall Ey Review Source Google play store

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Minor bug fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of Cartoon Wars 2 mod APK?

It has a size of 56M. You can download it onto your Android phone easily.

What are the Mod features offered by Cartoon Wars 2?

Mod APK allows you to have unlimited access to everything in the game. Powerful and enormous features make the game more enjoyable to play, which makes users more indulgent.

Is Cartoon wars 2 Mod APK available in offline version?

It’s possible to play Cartoon Wars 2 offline. The player can choose to play online or offline. You can play this game without a network connection even if there is no network connection available.

Can I Download cartoon Wars 2 Mod APK for free?

Cartoon Wars 2 is free to download. Download the game and have fun. On the websites, you can easily find download links and files.

Can one enjoy the game in 3D graphics quality?

3D graphics are not available in Cartoon Wars 2.

Let’s Conclude this:

It is one of the simplest yet exciting games in its genre. Cartoon Wars 2 mod apk gives its players a great sense of joy and excitement. This game lets the player enjoy himself for hours without getting bored. With updates and the latest version, Cartoon Wars 2 has been updated with new exciting features. The version is highly modified, and compressed.

Additionally, it allows you to select and play an unlimited number of characters. There are details on how you can play the game, as well as how you can choose the modes to suit your level of enjoyment. Playing this game is fun and we hope users will enjoy it.

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