Cash App Transactions & Activity not showing? Easy Solution

You might not see Cash App activity because the transaction you are currently carrying out with your Cash App account is not yet complete.

Using Square Cash App you can easily and quickly transfer money to friends, family, and merchants with a few taps.

The Cash App is a popular way to get paid and reimbursed for night outs with friends, or to receive commissions for your work.

Go to the Activities page to see how much money you’ve received and your payouts for processed accounts.

How to Check Your Cash App Activity?

Payments are logged in your Activity every time you receive or send one. Follow the steps below to view your Activity and transaction history (and locate a recent payment):

  • From the bottom-right corner, tap the clock icon
  • Select the Activity tab.
  • On this tab, you will see all the people you have recently interacted with on the app.
  • Review the status of a payment activity by selecting it.

Cash App Activity Not Showing

Although Cash App usually displays your Cash App activities almost instantly on your activity page, there may be certain instances when you might not see the activity right away.

It’s possible that Cash App activity does not show because the transaction you’re carrying out with your Cash App account has not yet been fully completed. It can take up to a few minutes after you initiate the transaction with your Cash App account for the activity of your transaction to show up.

Consider buying bitcoin using a Cash App and sending it to your wallet. Usually, you’ll receive an email as well as a separate notification that you’ve purchased the bitcoin, as well as another email when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

On the Cash App activity page, there are times when the BTC transaction doesn’t appear even though the BTC was sent into your wallet already but you didn’t receive a confirmation from the email nor from the Cash App activity page.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not get upset if it doesn’t update immediately. It can take up to an hour for the transaction to update.

Occasionally, it can even take a couple of days. However, the issue is usually resolved eventually.

Why are sales not showing up in my Square activity?

After your customers pay for your merchandise, the transaction history of your Square account should appear in the Transaction section.

The app also allows you to search for specific transactions, as well as confirm successful transactions online from Sales Summary.

Has the sale not shown up in your sales history but in your transactions?

Reach out to Square Support if all of the transactions are not showing up, but they appear in reports. You can also review the Transaction Status page, along with the Transactions Tab, for some additional information.

We can’t resolve any specific issues associated with your account because there are a few things that could have happened:

However, here are two things to look at –

  • Make sure your sales report has the correct date. This problem occurs time and time again.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of your browser. It seems that Chrome has the fewest issues, so you can use it to see if the problem continues to exist.

While there is no quick fix guide because it is customized for each issue, we recommend that you contact Square’s customer support team for assistance.

Wrap up:

Default setting for your future and past Cash App transactions is that they will be private. Without logging into your account, someone cannot see your Cash App activity.

Occasionally, you will not see certain activities after a few days. If this happens, you should contact Cash App Customer service to find out why the activity isn’t showing up or not updating.

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