Free $20 Cash App Referral Code Latest [March 2022]

Cash App referral code “JSMTBXW” allows you to receive the maximum bonus that is currently being offered by Cash app in order to receive a maximum bonus. To begin using the app, use this code if you just want some free money.

If you’ve installed Cash App within the last 14 days, you’ll be aware of the referral code that offers money. You can use different Cash App Promo Codes to earn more.

Don’t worry about this offer not being legit. I tried it myself and it works. Cash App gives free bonuses when you enter a referral code. It was a promotional period, and I received $10 during it, but I expect most new members to receive $5.

Below I’ve outlined how to enter a referral code on Cash App. Just a few minutes will put some extra money in your pocket.

📗 Cash App Referral CodeJSMTBXW 
💰 Referring EarnUp to $15 
📆 Get Paid InAfter Send $5 to Anyone 

What Is the Cash App Referral Code and How Much Does It Pay?

Every Cash App user is assigned a unique sequence of letters and numbers when they register with the app. By entering the code JSMTBXW and sending $5 or more through the app within fourteen days of signing up, you will receive a free $5 bonus.

It is possible to share the Cash App referral code with friends, family, and others who are interested. A referral bonus of up to $30 is available to you when someone uses your code and sends at least $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days of signing up for the app. Your referral will also get $5. (Promotional bonuses may vary.)

You will receive an instant pending bonus in your Cash App account after using the Cash App referral code JSMTBXW. The code is valid for 14 days from when you signed up for the app. You can use the code to get free money on cash app.

In order to activate your sign-up bonus, swap five dollars with a family or friend who uses Cash App. By inviting a parent, sibling, or close friend, you can earn up to $35 ($5 when you register and $30 when you invite).

The Cash app is available for both Apple and Google devices, and among its features is the “Enter Referral Code,” where you can enter a referral code in order to receive some free money to use the app.


We believe Cash App bonuses range from $5-$15. Researchers have discovered that some Cash App users have been advertising their referral codes, claiming to offer a $30-$800 bonus, which is not possible with a referral code. Cash App doesn’t offer special referral codes to get a higher bonus. By referring $5 to the Cash App network, along with the referral code, you will receive a $5 bonus.

How to enter Referral Code on Cash App?

Here are the 5 Easy Steps to Enter a Referral Code on Cash App

Learn how to enter Cash App’s referral code after you have set up the app.

📋 Enter referral codeJSMTBXW
💵 Direct depositGet up to $150 in bonuses
🤝 Refer friendsGet up to $30 each (unlimited)
💳 Use the Cash CardGet up to 15% back

Step 1: Download Cash App

Click here or on the play store to download the app. New users must enter a phone number or email address. The Cash App will send a confirmation code to the email account or phone provided by you, so make sure you have access to it.

You will then choose a unique $Cashtag name after providing your name and zip code. Friends can use the $Cashtag to send you cash by using a unique word or phrase. Using a short phrase or a combination of your name and a number is easy.

Once there, you can explore the app to its fullest (including entering a referral code to receive a free bonus).

Step 2: Open Cash App Settings

On the green home screen of the Cash App, enter the referral code, open the app, and select the person icon. In the app, you’ll see the person icon if you’ve already added a profile picture.

A screen will appear with your name, Cashtag, joining date, and documents and settings. Enter Cash App referral code JSMTBXW by selecting the green text “Enter Referral Code.” at the bottom.

Step 3: Enter Cash App Referral Code JSMTBXW

A dialog box will appear where you can enter a Cash App referral code. Enter JSMTBXW in the field and click Next.

Bravo! You will now have a pending $5 bonus to activate! I will walk you through the remaining steps so you can activate the bonus.

Step 4: Link a Bank Account

By linking your bank account, you can add money to the app. For the Cash App referral code bonus, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Linking your account allows you to access the Cash App, which opens the default green screen for sending and receiving money. You can view the Banking screen by selecting the bank icon in the bottom left corner. (If you already have cash on hand, the icon in your account will show the dollar amount rather than a bank icon.)

Choose “Link Bank” at the bottom of the page and enter your debit card number to link your bank account. You can still connect your bank if you do not have a debit card by choosing the “No Card?” button and following the prompts.

Step 5: Swap $5

Sending $5 to another Cash App user will activate the bonus and give you free Cash App money. Someone who is either familiar with the app or wants to use it.

Rather than spending $5 with a Cash App right away, swap $5 with your friend. By transferring $5 to my husband through the app, I had no trouble claiming my bonus.

Select the dollar sign (bottom right icon) to open Cash App to the default green screen. You must enter at least $5 to activate Cash App’s referral code bonus. Select Pay, and enter the phone number, email address, or Cashtag of a friend or family member.

Now you can keep your $5 bonus! My husband got $5 for joining and I got $10 during a promotional period.

Where Is the Referral Code on Cash App?

To locate your unique referral code on Cash App, open the app and select the person (or profile picture) icon at the top right of the screen. Press the Invite friends to Cash App button.

Choose the button “Get $30” next to your friends’ names or allow Cash App to access your contacts. A text message will be sent to your friends containing your Cash App code. Save it for sharing in the future.

Selecting the share icon in the top right corner of the screen is another way to share your code. Share your referral code via email or Facebook Messenger or copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

Why not help a friend activate their referral bonus by sending $5? As a result, you may receive up to $30 in bonus money on top of the $5 you receive from your friend! To receive a referral bonus, your friend needs to enter your Cash App referral code and return $5 to you.

Important Tip: You should explain the process to your friends and give them some guidance. Text them a personalized message in which you highlight the benefits relevant to them.

Cash apps offer a referral bonus between $5 and $30 to someone who uses the cash app referral code, however, nobody told you that you can only earn $5 for a new user who uses a cash app referral code.

There are a number of websites on the web that advertise various types of bonuses, even some of them mention $100 dollars as a bonus, which is completely untrue.

It is common for people to post an amount that is totally different from what the app is offering. As for the referral bonus, it can vary from time to time. For a cash app, the true bonus amount is $5 dollars, which has been the same for years. 

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