How to Change your Spotify Password (With Pictures)?

Here we’ll show you how to change your Spotify password using the Spotify website, and how to reset your Spotify password if you’ve forgotten or lost it.

2 Methods to Change Spotify Password:

Method 1: Changing Your Password

1. Open Spotify Website in a web browser. It is not possible to change password using Spotify app

Open Spotify Website from Any Browser
Open Spotify Website from Any Browser

2. Tap on Log in. It is located at the top right corner of the screen

Click on Log in
Click on Log in

3. Put your username / Email and password. Facebook users will not have a Spotify password to change if they log in through Facebook

Login with email and password

4. Now click on login

Click on Log in

5. Go to your user name. It’s on the left-hand side

Click on username

6. Click on Account. Spotify may open as a Web player, in which case you need to select View Account first

Click on Account

7. To change your password, scroll down and click Change Password. In the menu, it’s next to a padlock icon

Click on Change Password

8. In the first field, type your current password

Type your current password
Enter your current password

9. Type New Password in the next field

Type New password
Type New password

10. In the bottom field, reenter the new password

Again type your new password
Again Type your New Password

11. Click SET NEW PASSWORD to update your password

Click on set new password
Click on set new password

Method 2: Resetting a Forgotten Password

1. Open in any browser

Visit spotify password reset page

2. Enter your Spotify username or email address in the field. Make sure you use the email address when you sign up for Spotify.

Enter email or password

3. The email address associated with your Spotify membership will be emailed once you click SEND

Click on Send

4. Open the message from Spotify in your email

Open Spotify message from email

5. Click on the link you received in the email

Click on the link

6. Now Type your desired password

Enter New password

7. Again Type your desired password

Retype new password

8. Now click on Set Password. Your Spotify Password has been changed

Click on Set Password

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