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With CryptoTab lite pro, users can accumulate online currencies called bitcoin throughout the world. As well as being the first browser to have mining capabilities, you can use it for other purposes. There is also a default mining algorithm included. 

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Consequently, they are able to surf the internet, play games, or watch videos with their friends, thereby increasing their bitcoin income. Similar to a normal browser, it works in the same way. It is convenient to add bookmarks, check the history of searches, and build favorites lists. It is possible for users to open multiple tabs simultaneously.

The ability to switch from one browser to another without losing previously saved data is another benefit. A new browser feature makes it easier for users to collect bitcoins more quickly. Furthermore, its users are free to transfer bitcoins on a daily basis without any limits. No extra commission is required. You can also check Moddroid apk for latest information about the app.

As a result of this feature, users can fully secure their earnings since the money comes directly into their bank account. Its simplicity has also made CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk a favourite app among people during the current era because it does not put any restrictions on its users. By making Web surfing a safe experience, the browser has made its users feel more secure.

cryptotab browser pro lite apk
Cryptotab browser pro lite apk

A convenient method of making money available to the user is one of the popular features of the service. It allows you to create multiple profiles, so you can expand your business. The application must have access to its storage, GPS, location settings, media files, camera settings, audio files, contacts, and app history.

Features of CryptoTab Lite Pro:

Mine while you browse

This is the first ever browser with mining features that is available for the general public. The purpose of mining is to keep records by utilizing computer processing power. It is called mining by the people who employ it.

Generating bitcoin

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk provides users with the ability to generate bitcoins that can be exchanged with other currencies, products, and services online. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was invented by an anonymous group of individuals under the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Bitcoins are created through mining.

Bitcoin Transfers

A user can transfer any number of bitcoins. There is no minimum withdrawal amount associated with these transfers. The transfer of funds is not restricted.

Cloud Boost Feature

With CryptoTab Browser, users have the option to accumulate bitcoins faster and mine them more efficiently.

Optimizing batteries

Users can also increase the battery time between charges, allowing their battery to stay charged longer.

0 Commission

The application’s services do not require any commission from the user. Therefore, they can keep all of what they earn.

A multiplier for speed

A built-in speed multiplier in the browser enables users to collect cryptocurrency more quickly.

Internet access

A strong internet connection is necessary for users to use the application or to use a public wifi network that is secure.

Different profiles

Users can easily create individual profiles to suit their needs. Consequently, their internet business venture can expand.

Download free latest version
Download free latest version

Easily operated with one hand

This Apk allows its users to easily access settings without holding both hands or using both fingers by allowing them to move the top of their screen to the bottom of the screen. In addition, users can squeeze the keyboard depending on whether they wish to type with one hand or two.

SDP function

Users will be able to enjoy Cryptotab browser without worrying about battery drain caused by server-dependent mining.

Easily accessible

Crypto Tab offers users an easy-to-navigate quick access feature for storing and withdrawing cryptocurrency directly from their accounts.


In this app, the user has access to an in-built browser that for all intents and purposes functions like a regular browser. Adding bookmarks, looking through a user’s search or watch history, or managing favorite entries are all easily accessible. Users can access multiple tabs and allow them to switch between the two without losing any data.

Available round-the-clock

Despite being a free app, Crypto Tab offers a 24/7 watching time as well as great speed.

Easy-to-use interface

This browser app for Android has an intuitive design that allows users to navigate from one category to another with no trouble at all.

No interruptions or limits

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk allows users to stream without interruption with its browser option.

Taking up less space

The users do not need to worry about their storage capacity because it does not gather a large volume of data.

Automate system updates

Crypto Tab Browser updates itself constantly, making it even more appealing.

The free version

It also has a freemium version that requires no subscription or registration of any kind to download.

Protected and confidential

Privacy of user data is a major concern. At all costs, the data is kept private and confidential.

Simple to use

New users are provided a step-by-step guide to help them become familiar with how it works.

Premium Edition

It costs a small amount to buy its premium version. Users can spend quality time on this version since it has no advertisements.

Support for Customers

If users have any questions regarding it, they can contact the active customer service team. Contact is made available via the company’s official website, via email, and through other social media pages.


It is a great and effective application for people who are looking to make money while sitting at home. Surfing the internet using the browser while earning bitcoins in their accounts is possible. A user can purchase different types of services using these bitcoins earned by using CryptoTab Browser lite Pro Apk. A small fee is all that is necessary to provide its amazing features.


Q. Is it safe for the android system?

Definitely! There is no risk associated with downloading an APK file.

Q. Is it easy to operate the application?

Sure! It is very simple to use. Following the steps in the guide, any beginner without previous experience can easily make use of CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk services.

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