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NameDamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator)
PublisherDamonPS2 Emulator
Latest Version4.1.1
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Globally, this is the fastest PS2 emulator. It is the only PS2 emulator for Android. The DamonPS2 pro Mod apk emulator, like PPSSPP, allows you to play PS2 video games on your smartphone.

As a PS2 emulator, DamonPS2 runs PS2 video games smoothly on touchscreen smartphones with Snapdragon 835/845 chips (such as the Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/Note8), and it is compatible with more than 90% of PS2 games (with some minor graphics bugs).  

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Compatibility :

Damon PS2 pro mod apk offline emulates 13965 PS2 game, which works with about 90% of PS2 games (with very few graphics bugs). Moreover, DamonPS2 emulator is fully compatible with more than 20% of PS2 games.


The difference between the free user and the paid user:

  • The APP does not have any built-in advertising after the payment
  • The APP will support gamepads after payment
  • The APP can save/load game state to PS2 memory card after payment
  • Following the payment, the APP will support HD1080p (3x ~ 5x PS2)
  • APP will support cheat-codes once the payment is made (Future)
  • A PS2 memory card can be loaded/exported into the app after payment (Future, PCXS2 compatible format)
  • In the pro version, you’ll get unlimited coins
DamonPS2 Pro Mod APK Download Latest Verrsion
DamonPS2 Pro Mod APK Download Latest Version


Updated versions will be released every two to three weeks. DamonPS2 emulator is still at an early stage, unlike PPSSPP emulator. Visit the official website for more information.





Supported Features:

  • Supported 2X~5X PS2 Resolution (1080p HD)
  • Supported Widescreen Games (16:9)
  • Supported Gamepad – Similar to PPSSPP Emulator
  • Supported Skip BIOS boot game
  • Supported Multi-threading Acceleration – Exceed PPSSPP
  • Supported NEON Acceleration – Similar to PPSSPP
  • Supported Multi-format game ROM, Include: -.iso\bin\img\nrg


Future Support New Features:

  • Future Support Cheat-Code
  • Future Support Frame-Skip
  • Future Support No-BIOS file startup game ROM – Similar to PPSSPP Emulator
  • Future Support 16:9 Mode
  • Future Support Mipmap
  • Future Support Gamepad Vibration – Exceed PPSSPP Emulator
  • Future Support Import\Export MemoryCard file (Compatible Pcxs2 )
  • Future Support Acceleration of MEPG2, ARM-v8, Vulkan API
  • Future support 95% of PS2 games are perfectly compatible

In the future, DamonPS2 will run the game 2x~10x faster than the current frame rate. If you want new features to be realized faster, please fund us with your purchase!


DamonPS2 Pro
DamonPS2 Pro

Hardware Request :

– Android 5.0 +

– OpenGL ES 3.0 +


About Game ROMs and BIOS :

We are unable to provide game ROM and BIOS images to players due to legal restrictions.


Future Goals:

One year from now, DamonPS2 will run 90% of PS2 games with near full framerate on an Android phone with a higher hardware configuration than Snapdragon 660. Additionally, DamonPS2 is near-perfectly compatible with 90% of PS2 games (no graphics errors).

In the mobile phone, DamonPS2 and PPSSPP are the best emulator combinations. PPSSPP is a PS2 emulator, while DamonPS2 is a PSP emulator. It is important to note that the DamonPS2 emulator is not a PSP emulator.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Cylant Justice:

Just a helpful tip to those confused. If you have a relatively high end/medium device then you should be able to run this no problem. You just need to fine-tune your settings. Under the tab “Mine”. Not “Games” you can adjust resolution, performance, etc. Just double tap the game icon you want to play. I hope that helps. Also in game has several presets and much the same if you click on “Debug” Upper right corner.

Reviewed By Gary John:

DamonPS2 is a great emulator BUT the new update makes absolutely no sense AT ALL. In the previous versions you had the option to change to aspect ratio and the resolution…. NOW you can’t you have to do it in the Game parameter settings which I can never figure out. The games are stretched to hell and look appalling without any solution to fix it. Why take away certain features that were convenient in the new update. What were they thinking? This update sucks!

Reviewed By David Moraza Sanchez:

As for me, it has always worked fine on my phones. Mi 9, and galaxy s20 (snapdragon). I see improvements in performance with every update. As of today, all my favourite games work! Fatal frame 2,final fantasy x, rule of rose… And even running on 1080p… Of course it still needs more improvements etc, but they’re doing a good job… It’s basically the only possible way to play ps2 on android.

Reviewed By Chloe Smith:

Limited to no controller support, so you’ll want to use and overlay adapter like PandaPro or something… and no apparent way to adjust the aspect ratio. Really??? I mean, *it works*, with some games at least. Other games will bring it to It’s knees. Soul Reaver 2 for instance works at a decent fps, but Dragon Quarter has a horrendous frame rate. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

DamonPS2 Pro v4.1.1!


Special Note:

The file “Thermal Engine” in the Android system can be deleted if you want to increase the frame rate by 10*40%.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in translating DamonPS2 from English into your native language.



The copyright for DamonPS2 has been acquired in the People’s Republic of China.

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