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App NameDesign Home
PublisherCrowdstar Inc
Size50 MB
Latest VersoinV1.75.053
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamonds
Last UpdatedToday

Design Home (MOD, Unlimited Money/Keys) latest version allows you to build homes based on your own ideas and dreams, allowing your interior design skills to improve significantly. Most popular versions are V1.70.026, V1.72.023, and V1.74.03.

It is a virtual world where you can experiment with different styles of decoration for your home. As players, you can customize your house to look magnificent and beautiful by choosing furniture from the game. It is a house renovation and house makeover game.

To play, simply download the Design Home Android game. If you’re one of those admirers and want to design your own home without spending a penny on any investments, try it.

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Enjoy the 100% free creative styles in this nifty Android game that you can download for your Android smartphone. Imagine designing hundreds of homes inside your imagination and enjoying your time here.

There are only two things that make this game a bit annoying: the constant interruption of ads and the in-app purchases. It’s true that sometimes you need to spend a bit to enjoy your favorite styles.

The game is designed for people who can’t afford Android games. The official game has been modified to include all the exceptional free privileges that you will not be able to obtain in the official version.

Design Home Mod
Design Home Mod


Have you ever been told by a friend or family member how to decorate your new apartment? Would you like to pursue a career in design work? Then let us turn your house into a dream home by letting you experience Design Home right away.

During the game, the game will assign each room of the house a design, and you will pick the furniture to fit its environment.

When you begin the game, your house is empty with no items. Players then have to develop their imaginations to select and design accessories that will work best in each locale and harmonize with the common space.

Challenge yourself and win awesome prizes

You’ll have tons of challenging in-game missions with Design Home, just as you would in any Android game. With such high-quality graphics, there is no similar game on Android that offers this benefit.

My personal opinion is that this game deserves a 5-star rating since you can create your own designs and learn how to design the best exteriors and interiors for your house.

The more you observe the designs around you, the more you’ll learn, but I can assure you that you will be amazed at the content inside the game. Before playing this game, I was also interested in home design, and now I am literally in love with every single aspect of it after completing a variety of challenges. Start making instead of dreaming!

Level up and unlock all My Home missions

Interested in creating your own virtual home? It will not take you long to get started with this virtual game. As a player, you can design over 100 designs, sell them throughout tournaments, and win a great deal of in-game gold.

You’ll have to level up your designing skills and complete many missions in the game in order to be able to access this stuff. You will now have free access to the My Home section. Here you are able to save and create designs for free without having to spend a penny. Is there anything more interesting than this?


There is more to the game than just home decoration. Although it also provides many advantages to designers who wish to experiment with different furniture arrangements throughout their work space. Then, players can express their passion for dreams by completing fun levels in Design Home.

Furthermore, young people could use the game to decorate their dream home and improve their decorating skills for free. In addition to designing the house of their dreams, players can also unlock various interiors.


To serve their dream homes, the players will be able to purchase furniture from upscale shopping centers in Design Home. A wide variety of products are available with varied designs from high-end interior design brands such as Kathy Kua Home, Noir, and Loloi.

Bringing your design dreams to life is possible here. Additionally, they are constantly adding new products so you can create and discover your own style.

Get the powerful communities’ help to create your own home

You want to create global designs to attract a lot of clients, are you ready for this? Having asked this question, you need the community’s help. Beginners sometimes find it frustrating, as they have to put in thousands of hours of work to develop their skill sets. You don’t have to worry about anything in the game, it has everything you need!

You can find a lot of communities in the Community section of the game, which you can join at a certain level. These communities have a number of professional designers. Following that, they can assist you in learning many things, such as how to design realistic models and how to incorporate many different ideas into your home models. Have fun!

Enjoy free premium features with the modified version

All of us love Android games, and with a game like this Design Home, we can feel blessed every moment! In other words, we should stop those annoying in-app purchases and stop those interrupting advertisements. You cannot access it through the Google Play Store, since it’s not in the terms of service. It’s only the modified versions you need here!

As well, we have a modified version of the game, which you can download from the link below and it won’t have any of the consequences listed above. So easy! Here is the MOD APK version, which is a modified, patched, or cracked version of the official game. Next, let’s examine all the features of this modification.

Renovation & Makeover of Your House

As a whole, this is a very innovative game that many players enjoy. As long as the player has a decent sense of taste, the game is easy and fun to play. The Design Home game allows you to create a home by creating a design style tailored to your tastes.

It is possible to customize a house by choosing items of different colors and styles to meet the standard. Further, you can also experiment with many properties in each location.

Purchase Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

Since it offers you all the exclusive features you need, the mod version can be deemed the futuristic version of the official game. That’s correct! In the beginning, the game offers free unlimited money and diamonds to make unlimited purchases in the game.

Do you want to upgrade to a premium design now that you’re tired of those free ones? This modified version is only designed to give you the flexibility to choose any design you want and create the most interesting homes yourself. If you agree, simply hit the download link below and get Design Home MOD APK ASAP. 

win prizes Diamonds & Coins
win prizes Diamonds & Coins

With the modified version, enjoy numerous home keys

Upon playing this game for the first time, You will discover the key meanings. Within the game, Keys are some of the most significant resources available. Using these keys, you can access most of the premium content available in the game. Therefore, you can only imagine what a frustration it is when you cannot play the game.

The game makes it very hard for players to earn these keys. You were all born to be stars, so worrying isn’t an option since you’re all born strugglers. Using the link below, you can download Design Home MOD APK and fix all your problems. With this game, you can unlock premium gaming items freely using the infinite keys provided on your smartphone.

offline mod version unlimited money and diamonds
offline mod version unlimited money and diamonds

Choose the Best Design

Once the player has completed his artwork, you will be able to vote on other players’ rooms. Furthermore, players can also select works that they believe deserve a 5 star rating. The graphics in the game are extremely realistic and shimmering, which makes it an incredible experience for players.

Enjoy Useful Resources to Decorate Your Home

Imagine being able to remodel your favorite homes virtually, like without wasting a single dollar on materials? Not at all! With its modified version, you can make your dream come true. This is a newly developed, exclusive title. Millions of people have downloaded it.

Only Design Home Android’s superior gaming experience made all of this possible. This is a game that offers you high-resolution graphics to be as amazed by all its designs as though you are actually watching them.

Design Rooms
Design Rooms

No Advertisements

In the modified version, you won’t see any ads because the modified version has all the premium features for free. You can use these premium features without seeing any ads.

Game Reviews:

“Fun but annoying. I love the app and game and I’ve played for a few months now. It’s just annoying how you can only buy specific items with diamonds only. You only get 500 diamonds a day and yet the “diamond items” you need to purchase are all so expensive. So you end up in a loop of not playing so you can save diamonds but then use them all up immediately you play again 😖 Please have a few diamonds per challenge you complete or increase the daily 💎💎” By Simply Mambo

“Very limited with backgrounds and placements. if you are new to Design Home the furniture, accessories are expensive so you have to design with what you have in stock. So hard to get enough money or diamonds to move forward without buying stuff. Not going to do! You have to use diamonds for art, plants and accessories. It would be nice to provide some of every category that you could buy with cash that you get from playing. I do like playing but hard to get nice designs with these limits.” By Vicky Hotz

“My first review in february was negative. But now that ive played for months, Im really into it. Theres a couple ways to be able to get new items.Everyday collect your reward, 500 diamonds and dont use it til it adds upenough to buy.Or you can use credit card once in awhile if you can afford it. Sometimes the voting part of it doesnt seem fair at all. For example, Its an outdoors challenge and people are getting scored a , 5, but they have beautiful inside living room furniture out.” By Sue Aldstadt Review Source Google play store

What’s New in the Latest Version?

• Don’t forget that new real-world items from top brands and unique Design Challenges are added daily!
• Technical fixes and performance improvements

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