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DYowa Apk is a wonderful application that is popular among Libyans. It has new functions that differentiate it from other altered apps. You can easily download the latest version of the app from the below download link. It is true that there are other applications that are similar to it like Wap Whatsapp & Dowa Whatsapp. However this is the most usable.

An outstanding feature of this app is the built-in MP3 player, another being a well-stocked library of customizations and many options for adding themes and customizing fonts and colours.

The other feature of Dyowa WhatsApp is its privacy settings. It’s regularly updated with lots of cool features you’d find on WhatsApp plus a bunch of snazzy new ones! Check out some of the latest ones below.

DYowa Apk File Detail:

App NameD’YOWA Apk WhatsApp
Size58 MB
Latest VersionV58
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Last updatedToday

What is new in the New Versions?

Version 58 of dYowa 2021 offers many features and improvements exclusive to the version which has been redesigned, in addition to many new features as has been the case with the previous versions.

Version 58:

  • Expiration date extended until June
  • Notepad added to Whatsapp
  • Re-added the log
  • A new setting has been added.
  • Home was added to the list.
  • Addition of New home styles
  • A night mode icon has been added.
  • Setting menu redesigned
  • Homepage redesigned
  • Music has been redesign
  • A few icons are fixed
  • A few more issues have been fixed

Version 57:

  • New Instagram story styles added
  • The Apple Home Styles were added
  • Add colors to Instagram stories
  • Additional selection menus have been added.
  • An equalizer has been added to the music menu.
  • A couple of new options were added.
  • Fixed Instagram Stories
  • The Status custom property is now working correctly in clone packages
  • Added a tab indicator to iOS
  • A few more issues have been fixed

Version 56:

  • A VIP Prime membership has been added.
  • Additional features added for VIP members
  • An additional badge was added.
  • A new transparent theme was added.
  • Add Music Visualizer (Home – Music & Drawer – Visualizer)
  • Changed the color of the visualizer
  • Hide visualizer is now available.
  • Added animations to the Status, Contact and Call list items
  • The IG Stories background color can now be changed.
  • Added Gradient color for background IG Stories
  • Added Change border color IG Stories
  • Added Change round IG Stories
  • Added Now you can check settings about for more info updates, credits and groups
  • Redesigned Settings
  • Fixed Transparent home
  • Fixed Settings styles

Version 55:

  • Added Music Equalizer with 5band and bass booster
  • Added New fancy text with 54 Styles Text
  • Added Drawer Theme
  • Added Music Theme
  • Re added Forward limit up to 250 peoples
  • Improve Music Player
  • Redesign Some style
  • Fixed settings error
  • Fixed title music shakes

Version 54, 54.1:

  • Added Changes home styles (5 Styles)
  • Re Design dYowa Settings
  • Added New settings style
  • Added Toast settings (Home – Toast)
  • Added 2 New entry chat styles
  • Re added Preview live row settings
  • Re added Some options
  • Fixed Swipe back chat (working now)

Version 53:

  • Added Coloring archived row (Home – Home View – Archived)
  • Added Hide counter archived
  • Added Mention color (Home – List Row – Mention)
  • Added More option for archived row
  • Added 5 New entry styles
  • Added 2 New row styles
  • Redesigned Some settings and placement
  • Re added Some options
  • Fixed home

Version 52:

  • Added 5 New row styles
  • Added 10 New fonts styles
  • Added New settings style
  • Added Now archived home take row color
  • Added More theming option row color
  • Activated Some options
  • Correction Indonesian translation

Version 51:

  • Added Falling Love
  • Added Love frame
  • Redesign Home style
  • Added Increase number of love
  • Added Motivation card
  • Added New row style
  • Fixed Click search crash
  • Fixed Online view

Version 50:

  • Added Fab menu
  • Added Menu Profile Card
  • Redesign Modern Style
  • Added 6 icons airplane for change it
  • Added 4 icons search for change it
  • Added 7 icons action menu for change it
  • Added New fonts

Version 49:

  • Added Voice changer for voice note (Chat-3 dots-Voice changer-Record voice note and send
  • Added Preview and confirm before sending sticker (Conversation-entry)
  • Added Option to delete downloaded emoji packs
  • Added Hide main fab
  • Added New home styles
  • Redesign IOS UI
  • Redesign Home UI
  • Redesign Main settings
  • Re added Forward settings
  • Added Change fab style
  • Added language Portuguese
  • Added language Malay
  • Added language Spanish
  • Added language Arabic
  • Added language Russian
  • Added language French
  • Added language Hindi
  • Added New tab
  • Added Unlimited delete message
  • Fixed slow messages sending in group
  • Fixed transparent theme
  • Fixed status black screen
  • Fixed more

Version 48:

  • Added Music Equalizer with 5band and bass booster
  • Added New fancy text with 54 Styles Text
  • Added Drawer Theming
  • Added Music Theming
  • Re-added Forward limit up to 250 peoples
  • Improve Music Player
  • Redesign Some style
  • Fixed settings error
  • Fixed title music shakes
  • Fixed More..

Version 47,32:

  • Added List music from your phone
  • Added Control music
  • Improve IOS mode
  • Added Long click fab open settings
  • Added Long click create icon open DND mode
  • Added Long click chat icon open unsaved number
  • Fixed open app crash
  • Fixed DND mode
  • Fixed crash for some device
  • Fixed More..

Version 46:

  • Base Update
  • Enabled Disappearing messages option
  • Added Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
  • Added Quick social media
  • Added Load theme from ZIP file
  • Added Click on Status caption to copy
  • Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
  • Added Redesign Home UI
  • Added Advanced Search
  • Added new action bar
  • Added new Custom Wallpaper UI(Conversation)
  • Added More features
  • Added More customization
  • Added Hide archived chat
  • Added Main menu
  • Fixed Indonesian translations
  • Fixed android 5.1 & 6.0

Version 45:

  • The Status maker has been added.
  • Custom Text Added
  • Indonesian language has been added.
  • Fixes Open settings crashes
  • A white background is fixed

Version 44:

  • A new theme style called Transparent has been added.
  • The color picker has been updated.
  • Changed Home (Settings – Home) style.
  • Toasts (Online, Profile, Status) now feature Custom Text
  • Bulk Sender was added
  • A response has been added to the Quick Reply list.
  • Additional fab chats have been added.
  • Automatic forwarding has been added.
  • Scheduled messages were added.
  • An automated message reply feature has been added.
  • Chat moved to a new location
  • Advancement limit
  • A choice menu has been added.
  • Additional customizability
  • The Online dot was added.
  • Rejected outbound calls
  • A Mention has been added
  • Text color was added to Status
  • A fantastic chat about UP Redesign
  • UP Redesign quick chat

Downloading and Installation Guide of DYowa:

Follow the below instructions to install the application.

  1. Go to (Settings > Chats > Backup) and click on “Save”.
  2. Uninstall the original whatsapp
  3. Install from untrusted sources in Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download APK file from the above button
  5. Verify the number of the APK and grant permission.
  6. If you receive a prompt asking about the backup frequency with Google Drive once the installation is finished, choose NEVER.

App Screenshot:

DYowa Latest Version
DYowa Latest Version

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