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The Android game EFootball is published by Konami and is categorized as a Sports game. A vast majority of people across the globe adore football. The controls and strategies are identical to the controls of the console version.

Features of eFootbal Pes Offline Mod APK:

Playing online match games:

Like a real football game, it follows the same rules. The player controls fourteen players at a time, and they are required to not only perform basic tricks and use basic buttons but also coordinate with each other in order to play the game successfully.

The Power Players:

PES Mod APK requires each team to have eleven players and reserves. There are all the world’s most popular football clubs in this game and players can select their favorite country, and then collect the most popular and powerful players from different events, prices, and more. Following that, these players need to be trained to play their best game.

Modes, Forms, and Graphics:

A player in a team can play two different positions and each of them has unique skills. For a player to win against their rivals, they must devise their own strategy and form formations.

It includes 3D realistic graphics and millions of football players, games, activities and tournaments for players to experience everyday challenges and international tournaments, online multiplayer and real time matches.

efootball pes obb offline mod apk 2021
efootball pes obb offline mod apk 2021

Choose the strongest players:

There are 11 players on every team, and between five and six players serve as reserves. It is a game in which players design a football club impressively and select outstanding players.

Choosing a country is up to the player. In this way, they can collect suspicion matches for more powerful and popular players.  Everyone has a good rank and a price they are willing to pay. On the ground, they prepare your players to play their best games.

In this game, each player is in a different position and has their own skill set. Each player can create a formation and utilize his or her own strategy to compete against opponents. Stunning 3D graphics in the game attract players, causing them to spend more on it. 

Get Unlimited Money
Get Unlimited Money

New Iconic Moment Series Players:

You will soon be able to experience and recreate even more amazing moments from the careers of current and former soccer stars through the ‘Iconic Moment Series’

Live, online matches:

With both local and online multiplayer capabilities, you can compete with your friends. You can then launch eFootball mode and compete against the world in Matchday and other esports competitions once you have sharpened your skills.

Live Among Legends:

Your soccer fantasy can come true with the signing of Legends, such as D. The Beckhams, F. Tatti, D. Maradona, and G. Gerrard. BOSTISTITUTA, FERNANDO TORRES, and K. Rummenigeg.

The game will feature players who performed well during weekend matches. In some cases, special versions of these cards have new skills, unique card designs, and higher ratings.

Download Latest Version of efootball pess
Download Latest Version of efootball pes

Weekly Live Updates:

To deliver an authentic experience, in-game data is compiled on a weekly basis from real matches being played around the world, and implemented through the Live Update feature. As a result of these updates, the Condition Ratings of players and team rosters have changed.

Connectivity to the Internet:

To play eFootball PES mobile Mod APK, you need an internet connection. A stable connection is also recommended for a great gaming experience.

*Display Title*

The game application will display “eFootball Winning Eleven 2021” when you select Japanese in the language settings. eFootball PES will be displayed if you do not select Japanese.

efootball pes mod apk unlimited money 2021
efootball pes mod apk unlimited money 2021

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • You can now select national teams as your Model Team.
  • A few clubs playing in the BRASILEIR*O SÉRIE B 2021 (Brazil) have had their rosters updated.
  • Emblems updated for club teams.
  • A new face model has been updated.
  • Added updated player portraits.
  • Get Unlimited Money
  • Introducing the new manager portraits.
  • New cinematics and animations.
  • Data updated for commentary.
  • This update also addressed a variety of other issues.

How to Play the Game?

How to Play the Game

Best Alternative Games:

Check Epic Seven Mod Apk and Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod APK for alternatives.


Q. Can eFootball PES Mod APK be played offline?

These football games are mostly played online since players enjoy these games online. 

Q. What happens to the featured players after PES?

Upon the release of the PES update, all of the base players and featured players that were part of PES 2020 will be converted directly to Carryover Players.

Q. How to get players?

To boost your team spirit, choose good managers, train your squad, earn matchday rewards, save top players for games, improve your team spirit, use My Club coins, and gather the best scout combinations.

Q. Who is the best manager?

It is uncommon to find profiles dedicated to Fernando Santos, C. Valbuena, Ivo Vieira, and J. Low.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Ahmerd jangebe:

This game is amazing, the best of all football games ever, am absolutely addicted to it, but what i suggest in the game sometimes is like my players are controlled to lose the ball completely. Immediately when i passed the ball it’s too easy for the opponent to block the passes. For me every little tackle is a foul but when the opponent tackled my players nothing will be given. I hope you guys would be able to fix this in the new update. Thank you.

Reviewed By PJ Bediako:

Pes used to be my very best game, but you guys are spoiling the fun. Now every tackle for the ball is a foul. When my player takes the ball from an opponent, it’s a foul….. what’s happening? Also it’s like my players are sometimes programmed to loose balls and allow the opponent to score. I see my defender have the ball, I try to clear the ball and the ball won’t go anywhere, then an opponent would overtake my defender and score a goal……you guys have now made so artificial..fix these.

Reviewed By Rishabh K:

It’s a very good game but. Tbh it’s very difficult to control players and the gameplay is very fast for a normal player like me. No one can play football at such a fast pace it’s really crazy. I literally don’t even get time to touch the ball and how can we pass the ball if we don’t even get to take a touch. You guys need to slow the gameplay a bit down. Besides the speed of gameplay everything is great. I hope you guys do something about the speed of the gameplay in pes 22 its way to fast.

Reviewed By Sean Fray:

In this game good playing and learning the system is rewarded with scripting. You can only get so good at the game until you have to compete with the scripts. How can opponent players literally be a tank on the ball, it doesn’t matter who or where or what position. But your player as soon as they receive a slight contact. They lose the ball. And ohh the ball conveniently bends itself away from you. This game will cause you mental problems. Avoid it. Don’t spend your money or give them your time. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

-Added the option to select national teams as your Model Team.
-Updated the player roster for some clubs playing in BRASILEIRÃO SÉRIE B 2021 (Brazil).
-Updated club team emblems.
-Updated face models.
-Updated player portraits.
-New manager portraits.
-Updated cinematics and animations.
-Updated commentary data.
-Fixes for various other issues were also applied in this update.

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