FMWhatsapp VS GBWhatsapp? Which is better in 2022?

A mod of original WhatsApp such as GWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp offers enhanced and custom features, and they are especially useful if you want to use two Whatsapp accounts on one device. They both use the WhatsApp Plus mod that, along with streamlined WhatsApp, was discontinued by the company. Below are the differences between the two applications.

Do you think there is a great deal of confusion about GBWhatsapp vs FMWhatsApp? Users of WhatsApp share photos, videos, and much more with their contacts as a primary social media and messaging app.

The good news is that apps like FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp can come in handy if you want WhatsApp with some additional features. Compared to the official version of WhatsApp, these apps offer a lot more features. Listed below are the differences between FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp:

FMWhatsapp VS GBWhatsapp? Which one to choose?

The main difference between FMWhatsapp VS GBWhatsapp is some of the unique modded options. There are some common features between the two apps, but some of them are unique. Check the below points that differs FMWhatsapp from GBWhatsapp.

1. Customization

In both apps, you can customize your messages in a way that’s not possible in WhatsApp’s regular version. With FM WhatsApp, you can change the color of your WhatsApp chats compared to GB WhatsApp. A variety of themes are available to modify the appearance of the app and its settings. Choose from hundreds of themes in the theme store to suit your tastes. 

As far as customization is concerned, GB WhatsApp is far ahead of FM WhatsApp. The app lets you change the fonts, how the tick looks, and how the chat bubbles look. It even allows you to customize the appearance of your contact tabs. Furthermore, you can alter the color of the app tray icon.

2. Privacy

FM WhatsApp does not offer nearly as many features as GB WhatsApp when it comes to privacy and anonymity. In addition to hiding your read and seen receipts, you can also hide your last seen. WhatsApp also offers a feature that lets you restrict who can call you. Using this feature, unwanted calls can be avoided.

GBWhatsApp provides some good privacy features you might need. These include:

  • It is possible to hide the read receipts
  • Double ticks indicate that the message was delivered, but you can conceal them
  • It is possible to set up the app so that it shows you are online for 24 hours even if you don’t keep it open. 
  • If you copy multiple messages from a chat, FM WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp, your name and time are also copied, but GBWhatsapp allows you to hide these things.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to hide your last seen by selecting a specific list of WhatsApp contacts.
  • If your contacts change their profile pictures, you can also set up alerts.

3. Multimedia

FM WhatsApp offers more features for sharing media than GB WhatsApp for your day-to-day activities. Nevertheless, there are limitations, including the ability to share no more than 30 images and files greater than 16MB at a time. While both FM WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp have these limitations, they offer a lot more. If you use a third-party app, you can send 60 photos and data files larger than 700MB at once via FM WhatsApp.

In comparison to FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp offers you the capability of sending up to 90 images and audio files up to 100MB at a time. With GB WhatsApp, you can also download the status by simply clicking. GB Whatsapp has also increased the video limit to 50MB so now you can share even larger videos. As a bonus, the modded app allows you to share status up to 7 minutes long, instead of 30 seconds on regular WhatsApp.

4. Other mod features

FM WhatsApp has the advantage over GB WhatsApp in that it allows you to retrieve chats and status media even if the sender deletes them. All you need to do is enable the option in the settings, and then you can use it in the chat later.

By default, WhatsApp compresses high-resolution images before sending them to the recipient. If you enable “Full Resolution Image Sharing” in the settings of FM WhatsApp, you can send the image without compression.

GB WhatsApp has more features than FM WhatsApp when comparing them. Using passcodes, you can protect your essential chats. Chatting in a group also lets you see profile pictures of your fellow group members. Activating it will display a picture of a member of the group. 

How should I proceed when making a decision?

The choice is yours, so make sure you know what you want to get out of the altered version. Does the updated program include anything you were looking for in the original? Then you should use it.

In speaking with someone online, do you think it’s important for you to remain anonymous to the rest of your contacts? Utilize the application that allows you to remain anonymous. For a more informed decision, compare both versions and decide which one best suits your needs and preferences.

Wrap up:

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are both fantastic apps that incorporate features not included in regular WhatsApp. The only problem is that, because they aren’t official, there’s a high chance that they would expose your information and your privacy would be at risk.

You can still make use of them, but at your own risk. Since WhatsApp offers encryption and regular updates, you can still use them on a regular basis.