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Latest Version0.0.28149
CategorySimulation Game
Mod FeaturesAll Unlocked
Total installs10,000,000+
Requirements5.0 and up
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Get unlimited belief and money with the latest version of GODUS mod APK, a simulation game for Android. There is also a game store available.

Peter Molyneux has developed and offered the award-winning simulation game Godus for many years. The app has a lot of positive reviews and millions of downloads in the Google Play store alone.

The gameplay is straightforward and effortless while acting as GOD over a living and breathing creature.

Further, you can create what you want and rule the world as you see fit.  

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Peter Molyneux’s god game of the same name for the PC has been adapted into a console version for iOS. Terraforming continents enables the player to build a civilization and upgrade their terrain, making it more suitable for their inhabitants.

APK Godus offers two modes – both story and open sandbox. By completing quests, you progress up the ranks of the Godus world, as you are given quests by different gods.

By unlocking new lands, these quests will help you grow your empire by producing certain goods or crafting buildings.

Furthermore, you can mine the materials necessary to develop structures and other technologies, which will make your people happy and enable them to grow faster through the building of more homes, for example.

The only goal in sandbox mode is to gain as much territory as possible. To accomplish this, either use strategic expansion or use divine power to take control of other areas.

Your empire will grow larger and more powerful the more land you have. You can play multiplayer with the Godus mod APK.

Sculpt an entire world
Sculpt an entire world

We were unable to test out these features during our gaming session due to the fact that the game’s servers are still down.

Both the landscapes and structures in Godus mod APK look realistic, which enhances the overall experience tenfold!

This android game uses cool audio effects, which add an extra layer of realism to the overall experience.

I would highly recommend Godus mod APK for anyone who likes simulation games, and especially if you’re a fan of Peter Molyneux’s works! Download it now and tell us what you think!

Features of GODUS MOD APK

  • Get access to unlimited gems
  • Unlimited belief
  • Free to download and play
  • Unlimited everything
  • All unlocked
  • Download latest version for android, ios and pc
  • No need to root the device
  • You will get auto-updates
  • Your mobile will be safe from any harm because the file is tested

Take charge of a world that is alive and breathing. It is as easy to use as it is impressive to see. Discover the most delightful, charming and tactile world you’ve ever experienced.

Godus Mod APK Offline Obb Unlimited Belief & Money 2021
Godus Mod APK Offline Obb Unlimited Belief & Money 2021

Make the landscape unique to you by physically shaping, molding, and sculpting every inch.

Followers who love you and worship you. A fully simulated world allows them to grow, learn, and progress.

In order to nurture civilizations throughout time, one must first nurture a primitive civilization and then nurture it as it advances from the dawn of the primitive age.

It is possible to create both beauty and destruction: sculpt rivers and plant forests, or launch meteors and burn forests.

Throughout the landscape, you’ll discover a wealth of things to discover, both above and below the surface.

As you guide your Followers to new and uncharted lands that will yield great rewards, you will receive incredible rewards.

You will never have another experience quite like this, and it will only get better as you move along. Bring your own unique perspective to an incredible journey that is waiting for you.

The GOD GAME creator and designer, Peter Molyneux, brings you Godus. In addition to Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Fable, Theme Hospital, Syndicate, and Populous, he’s also created original versions of Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Get more out of Godus by visiting www.facebook.com/godusgame

To play, you will need a network connection.

The installation process for GUDUS mod APK

  • The first step is to download the file we have provided at the end of the post
  • Uninstall the older version and enable third-party applications
  • Install the file after downloading it in your mobile file manager

Player Reviews:

Reviewed By Russell Lambton:

Great game, very addictive while it lasted, it’s a shame the developers have abandoned the game though, would like to see more new worlds to explore, I remember when the game was first mentioned, all the hype and build up to it, I thought it was brilliant, but now, after completing both worlds I’m nothing short of disappointed, come on guys give us something new, more worlds and more adventures.

Reviewed By Marlene Marie:

While the game is fun to play and addictive, there is no user support to speak of. Game crashes, you’ll lose your data and there isn’t any way to save it. They will not return messages if you need help. If you’re ok with losing your progress and starting over repeatedly, this is the game for you. I definitely wouldn’t spend any real money on it.

Reviewed By Melissa Smith:

Its a cute game. I enjoy playing it in evenings after a long day to unwind. The prices arent too high and one can always use ads to earn in-game currency. I wish followers in Wayworld would walk about like they do in Homeworld. I find it cute to watch them go about their lives. Overall, its a pleasant game.

Reviewed By D W:

It’s a good game if you have the patience. It takes ages to build up enough belief to sulpt and it takes waaaaY to long to get the beautify tool which is would be so useful when you are prompted to use it the first time. I’ve nearly finished this game. So close and it’s taken months. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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