Head Ball 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds and Coins) 2021

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Head Ball 2 is an action-packed football game for Android users who want a game that keeps them engaged without requiring the time to play longer matches.

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Enjoy the caricature representation of football players in this exciting in-game action. Play soccer and have fun with hilarious football challenges, as you hit the ball with whichever part of the player you choose.

In addition, players can now experience thrilling multiplayer football action with online opponents from around the world – all from their mobile devices. Feel free to participate in the experiences and have fun when the time is right. As you progress, you’ll get to witness hilarious and thrilling soccer matches.

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Head Ball 2
Head Ball 2


You can play the game with friends and play with online gamers all over the world whenever you want. Android gamers will enjoy the football matchups with PvP action in the game. Your bodiless character figures will enable you to experience hilarious football experiences with your favorite football players.

As best you can, direct the ball into the large goal of the opponent. While you are defending your objective, feel free to jump, headbutt and kick your enemies. This is an opportunity for Android gamers to participate in this new style of football and take part in challenging tasks along the way.

Besides the variety of unlockable characters, interesting upgrades, and fun soccer gameplay you’ll find in the game, you can also enjoy it however you choose.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Choose your favorite football characters

The app lets Android players pick up whichever soccer characters they want, and the game’s awesome soccer gameplay will keep them entertained. Each of the 96 unique characters offers a unique look, but can also be upgraded. 

You can play Head Ball 2 whenever you like and enjoy the exciting football styles. The stadium will also gain more upgrades as you progress through the game, as you shall have more fans. Your giant stadium also allows you to collect better bonuses as you play the game.

Character upgrades on multiple levels

In Head Ball 2, you can now improve your characters’ abilities with features that make them more powerful. There are hundreds of different accessories available that can enhance your capabilities. Additionally, 18 different upgradeable skills with unique abilities will allow Android gamers to experiment with a wide range of tactics.

Boost your character’s potential and reach their full potential by advancing in the game. With this incredible career mode, you can take on the most famous soccer players in the world and experience the action for yourself.

All characters unlocked
All characters unlocked

Play the game in a variety of leagues

The game does get even better because Head Ball 2 now offers a competitive soccer league for Android gamers, which takes the game to another level. There are five different soccer leagues available to Android mobile gamers, each delivering its own unique experience. 

Additionally, as you progress, you will face increasingly challenging opponents. Soccer is one of the most exciting and exciting games you can play. It’s simple, yet extremely addictive.

A unique and simple soccer game

You’ll certainly enjoy all the exciting features of Head Ball 2 if you’re into casual, funny football gameplay. This game lets gamers control their bodyless footballers in addictive matchups with other players.

The simple and intuitive button controls make navigating your players between the 2D stadium and scoring goals, or blocking enemies’ attacks, easy and intuitive. Hit the ball and kick it, as well as temporarily take down your opponents, using the many options provided.

Furthermore, Head Ball 2 now lets you play football with online friends and play with them online. We encourage you to play real-time match ups with your friends and have a blast. Thus, football matches are never the same.

Customize your footballers

You can customize your characters properly, so they will be fully customized and personalized with interesting outfits and costumes since you’ll be playing the game online. Enjoy playing head-butt football with your players while dressing them up in clothing of your choosing. Android gamers will be able to stand out from the crowd with these customizations.

Join in the fun with other soccer players

Additionally, Android gamers will also be able to play soccer with the Soccer Team mode in Head Ball 2, making the game even more exciting. In the ultimate football experience, you can either join any of the existing teams that appeal to you, or create your own and invite all of your friends to participate with you. Challenge your team to multiple challenges, and earn rewards while doing so.

Get more benefits by connecting your Facebook account

As well as the Facebook integration, you can now enjoy a lot of awesome features in Head Ball 2. You can also listen to your friends’ progress, or just connect with other gamers from around the world. 

The best part is that you can now challenge any of your friends directly in Head Ball 2, which is a fun way to interact. As a result, the game is now cloud-saving compatible thanks to Facebook accounts. So, even if the game is accidentally deleted or the device is switched, you will never lose your progress.

It’s free to play

Now anyone can play Head Ball 2 on any of their mobile devices, free of charge. The Google Play Store features it for free, so there’s no cost involved.

Experience the fun of our mod

For you to spice up the game, we also offer an intriguing mod for Head Ball 2. You will be able to enjoy this interesting mod with giant head characters when you download the game. Play a soccer match with other players and have even more fun. All you have to do is download the Head Ball 2 Mod APK from our site, follow the instructions provided, and you’re set.

Sound and visual quality


Head Ball 2’s hilarious character designs will also captivate Android gamers, making the football-themed game even more exciting. As a result, the soccer actions will become much more fun and engaging as well because of the dynamic and dashy physics. 

Furthermore, you will be able to truly engage in the gaming experience as you progress through the game with awesome visuals and animations.

Sound & Music

The thrilling gameplay of Head Ball 2 comes with amazing sound effects. There is an interesting soundtrack here, which will hook you to the phenomenal soccer gameplay. Furthermore, with John Motson’s football commentary, you’ll always find that the game is much more engaging than other sports games.

Want to get Alternatives?

If you are not satisfied with the game functions, you can check its alternative which are Block Strike, Soccer Stars, and Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage.

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I hope you enjoy the casual and engaging football styles on Score! This game from Masomo Gaming is sure to join the list of top mobile soccer games that you enjoy, along with games like Hero and Soccer Stars. Through the hilarious giant-head characters in our Head Ball 2 mod, the excellent game will be even more hilarious.

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