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NameHigh School Story MOD APK
Latest VersionV5.4.0
Size85 MB
Developed ByPixelberry
Requirements4.0.3 and up
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Mod FeaturesUnlimited Rings, Coins, MOD Menu

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The objective of High School Story MOD APK is to build your own school. This game will allow you to relive high school memories. Because of this, you will need to enroll in classes and meet new friends. You’ll have a closet from which to choose your outfits and become the most popular. Also, you will be able to throw your own party for your friends.

Depending on your play style, you can choose to be a nerd, prep, or jock. Particularly in your teenage years, you have the freedom to decide how you want to live your life. Is there something about you that attracts people’s attention?

It is also possible to create new stories in this game using your creativity. You will also get unlimited money.

Game Overview

The High School Story Hack APK gives you the opportunity to experience a high school simulation game where you can get involved in many aspects of high school life. Use the various customization options at the start of the game to create your own characters.

Choose your favourite character from the story. Do you want to be nerdy and creative, sporty and outgoing, or preppy and outgoing? High School Story’s stories will, in part, vary depending on how you make your initial decisions. Additionally, the many dilemmas that arise during your voyage will alter your personality and your route.

Additionally, players can build and upgrade their own schools. As you play, you’ll unlock more structures to customise your school. During your high school years, you may be interested in a variety of activities as you discover what kind of lifestyle best suits you. If you ever look back, don’t let yourself down.

Exciting Features of High school story Mod APK

Try to find romance during your trip

If you haven’t fallen in love at least once during your high school years, your years are incomplete. With High School Story Hack APK, you will be able to date your high school crushes, so no need to feel bad.

Don’t forget about your pals while you’re enjoying your gorgeous dates. As a result, they will have the opportunity to start their own romances through the game. Help your friends find true love by being the best matchmaker in the world.

Decorate your campus however you like

As opposed to other high school games, you’ll be able to participate in many activities in your student life, while also being able to customize the schools. 

Apart from the fact that you’ll be able to participate in a variety of events in the school, you’ll also be able to customize your school. This means that you can add or remove buildings, replace them with new ones, decorate or rearrange them, and so on.

Explore new structures

You will enjoy the new features in the game that are accessible with the addition of new buildings in the school. If you want to start off by holding a Fantasy Photo Booth, you can meet handsome boys and girls from the school. You can also unlock Cheerleader Camp by interacting with the cheer captain. Attend the Science Fair and meet other nerds. In addition, you can take part in Prank War and the Homecoming Game.

Experience the game’s unique features

It includes activities and events found only in high school, making it a unique game. One of them will undoubtedly be the prom, where all your dreams and wishes will come true as you dance during this wonderful evening. Dress up in amazing outfits to be prom kings and queens by finding your attractive dates.

Likewise, you can learn a few things from gamers by attending events like Girl Who Code, where you can meet the top geeks in your school while also getting a first introduction to coding. You can also study advanced high school vocabulary by playing fun mini-games, which is quite enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.

Additionally, you can choose cute boys and girls from the FANTASY PHOTOBOOTH.

Build your own characters

You can create your own characters in the game.

In the beginning, you can create your own characters by giving them many different looks and characteristics. You can dress them up in different outfits and give them different facial features and physical characteristics. The only requirement is to come up with a satisfactory outcome.

Take advantage of your experience to make the best decisions

Players will experience an entirely new scenario in High School Story Cheat APK, which incorporates many facets of their daily school lives. It is inevitable that you will have to make decisions along the way that will affect your path. What will your path be? Who will you become?

Get to know a variety of people

The high school simulator game features a range of different characters, each with a unique personality and storyline. In spite of this, you will have a chance to meet a number of interesting classmates. Start enjoying your high school years by choosing the ones you appreciate the most and making friends with them.

Get incredible perks by interacting with unusual characters

Among the interesting characters are also famous figures with their own unique talents. You should consider becoming friends with them, as this will offer you several intriguing perks. In other words, you should be wary of making friends with Payton the Party Girl, so she can help you plan fabulous parties, or getting close to Nishan, the Master Computer, so he can assist you with hacking.

Hosting a party with over 30 unique classmates will help you meet new people. These may include rock climbers, cheerleaders, and writers.

Organize your dream high school reunion

If you would like to relive these unforgettable nights, High School Story Cheat APK will allow you to do so. As a result, you are able to organize fantastic parties and meet up with your cool classmates with the help of your friends. Your high school experience will be spiced up by their unique personalities and characteristics.

Get to know your classmates at homecoming or prom parties and visit the Isle of Love, where romance abounds! Try dating the head cheerleader… or get an all-star boyfriend! Discover all of your classmates’ secrets on their exciting adventures! Visit your fantastic campus to learn about these stories and many more!

Friendship with unique characters unlocks awesome buffs

In high school, you should get to know all the unique characters. Through this, you’ll unlock awesome buffs. Below are a few ways to get to know your classmates:

  • It’s possible to ask them to be your friend by sending them requests
  • If you need assistance completing a quest, you can ask them
  • You can help them with their homework
  • Engage them in activities and events that will enhance their social status at school

How to Install High School Story MOD APK on Android?

Ensure that the previous version of this game is deleted from your device. Click on settings, security, and uncheck the unaccepted sources checkbox(just in case the installation doesn’t work).

It is very easy to install the latest version of the app. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. To download link, click the download button below or go to google play to download the file
  2. Wait for the download to complete, then open it
  3. You can install the app on your Android device.
  4. Make sure you follow all the instructions inside.
  5. Then, start it and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.

How to Download High School Story MOD APK on PC?

Installing the new version of High School Story game MOD APK on a PC is very easy. If you want to use Bluestacks, you can do so. Here’s how.

1. To get started, you must download and install the Bluestacks player onto your PC, which is a mobile application emulator that can run any mobile application on your computer.

2. You will need to download the modified apk from our website after installing the emulator.

3. Installing the program requires that you execute the file or click “Import From Windows” after downloading it.

4. When the installation is complete, click the launch button to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happened to the high school story Mega Mods?

Support has been discontinued.

Pixelberry Studios announced on the High School Story Facebook page on June 4, 2018, that the “finale” quest of the game would be released on June 18 and a “final update” would follow.

What are the levels of dating in high school story?

Dating stages include flirting, crushing, online dating, sweethearts, in love, head over heels, and over the moon. It is a real date, and if everything goes well, they will become a couple.

How do you get an actor in a high school story?

The male Actor can be purchased from the Store for 120 rings and sold for 400 coins. In the Store, you can buy the female Actor for 250 rings and sell her for 800 coins.

What does dating do in high school story?

A character’s quest language will become more romantic towards another if they are dating (for example, Julian and Autumn).

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