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Last updatedDecember 27, 2021

Download Hogatoga apk for android to customize your phone and learn about technology such as IPL live, Live Wallpaper, Border light, etc.

A popular technology website, Hoga Toga provides you with the latest technology news, tricks, and App reviews to keep you up to date with your phone. You can personalize and improve your smartphone experience on Hoga Toga’s website. It also provides the latest Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media update and upcoming features news.

Hogatoga app Download
Hogatoga App Download

Recent posts include WhatsApp audio, Gesture security lock, Fingerprint app, identifying WhatsApp contacts to use Telegram or not, and AR Moscow city. You can download the latest update and apk file of HogaToga app for all smartphones. Several top lists are available for Android apps, including the top 10 launchers, 25 best music players, and more.

Download the HogaToga app Free 2022

HogaToga is available to all users for free to download. Hoga Toga gives you the best trending app for your phone. The apps are easy to download. By visiting the app’s link or downloading it from the Google Play Store, all users can download the app. Using the app file, you can download and install these apps. The app files are free to use.

Among the smart apps that you can download and use for customizing your smartphone are the Phone dialer photo app, RGB keyboard, Edge Lighting, Border Light, Notification Photo app, WhatsApp profile photo tracker app, and Recover Deleted Messages.

Hogatoga app Download 2022
Hogatoga app Download 2022

List of popular Hogatoga apps:

  • Hi Translation
  • Raise high volume-Booster
  • Free Call App
  • Full battery charge alarm
  • Lens Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Disk Digger Photo Recovery
  • All Sports Live Streaming Cricket app
  • Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper
  • WhatsApp Tracker
  • Gun Shooting Lock Screen Wallpaper
  • Nova Launcher
  • Zen UI Dialer
  • EyeCon

1. Hi Translation

Translate anything with the Hi Translate Language Translator app. There’s no charge for it. This app supports over 88 languages. You can use it to translate Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other apps. You need to grant access to the app to use it. Moreover, it is possible to translate anything on any app live without having to copy the text and paste it on a translation app.

2. Raise high Volume-Booster

The volume-Booster app is one of the best that gives you the ability to increase the volume on your phone. Your mobile phone has an option to increase speaker and music volume. With it, your phone becomes louder with a music amplifier and music booster. Android users should try it.

3. Free call app

You can make free calls to anyone without incurring any charges. Additionally, you don’t need to reveal your real phone number. You can select the country from which you would like to receive calls.

4. Full battery charge alarm

Your battery will alert you when it is full with a Full battery charge alarm app. If you don’t remove your phone from charging, your battery will run out. When you want to remove the charger, you can adjust the battery % manually. Plugging the charger into your phone often results in the phone ringing loudly as soon as it is removed from the charger.

download Latest Version
download Latest Version

5. Lens launcher

Lens Launcher Pro gives you one control for navigating your apps and launching them at the same time, so you can manage your apps more easily. This app uses a very unique and beautiful icon launcher effect called Fisheye Lens, which enables you to browse, launch, zoom, and pan your applications with such an elegant and unique icon launcher effect.

As part of the Lens launcher pro, users can also change the icon size, haptic feedback, icon scaling, and lens distortion. Grids, no matter how large the screen or how many apps there are, will display all of your apps. Touch gestures control the zoom, pan, and launch of apps with a Graphical Fisheye Lens.

6. Apex launcher

Among the most popular launchers, Apex Launcher allows you to customize your phone. If you want your phone to look amazing, you can customize its home screen, apps, app drawer, etc. It is possible to hide its Status bar, dock, and drawer as well. There is an App drawer in this app for hiding apps. Aside from that, you can customise the home screen and app drawer and choose from many different styles of backgrounds and folder previews.

7. Disk Digger Photo Recovery

You can restore deleted photos and videos from the storage of your phone and external storage with Disk Digger, which is one of the best data recovery apps. If you do not have a rooted phone, this app will search your phone’s cache and thumbnails to search for deleted limited pictures.

As soon as you recover your photos, you can upload them to Google Drive, send them via email, or upload them to Dropbox. Be sure to save your recovered files in a different location on your phone.

8. All sports live streaming cricket app

Live cricket streaming app All Sports is one of the best apps for watching free TV channels. In addition to watching HD movies, you can watch many other streaming videos with this app. Streaming videos from other countries can also be watched. You can also watch the IPL for free on this app. The chances of watching the IPL for free are better. IPL is free to watch and you do not need a subscription to watch. Anyone can watch it online for free.

9. Transparent screen & live wallpaper

You can set these wallpapers to your phone with the best app, Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper. It makes your phone look unique. With this transparent screen & live wallpaper, you can see everything behind your phone in real time. Your phone can also be set to display a live wallpaper.

10. WhatsApp Tracker

There are many good trackers available for Android phones, but Whats Tracker is one of the best. This app tells you when someone views your WhatsApp profile. It also shows you who has viewed your profile. Additionally, this app lets you see who is in your contact list. The app lets you hide your location so no one can see where you are.

11. Gun shooting lock screen

It’s an unexpected lock app that’s very interesting. All mobile devices have a lock screen, but they are all totally different. A lot of professionals use it. Here are some android lock screen wallpapers.

12. Nova launcher

It is interesting to try the Nova launcher app. The Nova launcher app does not impact the RAM or performance of your Android mobile device. You can collapse more applications faster. Search for the app name in the search bar and tap the home button to access the search bar. An animation will also appear on the app.

13. Zen UI dialer

The ZenUI Dialer App includes contacts, dialer, and call log in one app. The app identifies spammers, uses speed dials, links duplicate contracts, and runs a smart search. Your dialer, call log, and contacts all feature a customizable theme so that you can view all the important information. By using this app, you will change your phone dialer’s background. It allows you to add a customized background.

14. Eyecon

One of the best caller ID apps is Eyecon. In general, the process is similar to that of Truecaller, but there are some special features that Truecaller does not provide. In addition to being able to see his photo, Eyecon’s caller ID app will give you information about incoming unknown calls.

Another interesting feature of the Eyecon app is that you can now easily save recordings if someone calls you and you want to save them. Additionally, you can see the photo that an unknown caller changes on the Eyecon app if he changes it.

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