How to Easily Combine Your Playlists on Spotify?

Want to merge your playlist on Spotify? No need to worry. We’ll show you how you can merge your Playlists.

Playlists are a great way to organize your favorite songs on Spotify if you’re a fan of music and listen to lots of it. In this regard, you might wonder how to combine Spotify playlists. Let’s get started.

Quick Answer to Combine a Playlist on Spotify

Right click on any Spotify playlist to combine them (Ctrl+A on Windows or command+A on Mac) and select all the songs from that playlist. Choose the playlist you’d like to add these songs to, then click Add to playlist.

Spotify gives you the option of merging playlists in two ways.

  • In the first case, create a new playlist containing all the songs from the two separate playlists. I found this method to work very well on my desktop in spite of the makeshift nature of it. 
  • The Spotify mobile app for iOS and Android provides the option of adding a playlist to a different playlist by opening up the options window.

Let’s talk about both ways.

How to Combine Playlists on Spotify on Desktop?

Go to the Spotify desktop app and select the two playlists you want to merge. In most cases, these are seen on the left hand side of the interface; however, using the Search function will allow you to locate any playlists you haven’t saved yet.

How to combine spotify playlist on Desktop
How to combine Spotify playlist on Desktop

Select all the songs from one of the two playlists you’re merging by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A on Windows or command+A on Mac. It doesn’t matter which playlist you’re merging.

Combine spotify playlist on laptop

You can right-click anywhere on the highlighted songs from the first playlist after you have selected them all. Click on Add to playlist when the options appear. Choose Add to new playlist from the extended menu.

With this, you will create a new playlist containing all the songs you selected. Afterwards, you should add all the songs from your second playlist.

Merge Spotify Playlist easily

Last but not least, go back to your second playlist, select all of the songs from it (using Ctrl+A or command+A), and then add those songs to your new joint playlist. Combining playlists on Spotify for desktop works much like this.

Follow these steps to merge all of the songs from the second playlist into the new merged playlist. By using Ctrl+A or command+A, select all the songs, right-click them, and hover your cursor over Add to playlist.

To add to the new playlist, select your new playlist rather than Add to new playlist from the extended menu. Essentially, “New playlist (AA)” is a merged playlist made up of both “The Going Quantum Playlist” and “CuJo’s Current Picks.”

SpotifyPlaylist_2.5-1000w-531h.jpg (1)

How to combine Spotify playlists (Android & iOS)

Select the playlist you wish to merge in Spotify mobile. To access additional options, tap the button.

how to combine spotify playlist on android or ios
how to combine spotify playlist on android or ios

In the following menu, select Add to other playlist.

On the Add to playlist screen, select the playlist you want to combine.

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