How to Connect Spotify to Google Home & Play Music?

Connecting your Spotify premium account to Google Home allows you to control music remotely and play the streaming service via Google smart speakers. Your iPhone or Android device must have the Google Home mobile app installed in order to connect Spotify to Google Home.

If you have a free Spotify account, you can also connect that to your Google Home without a subscription.

Here is a step by step guide to Connect Spotify to Google Home and control your music with voice commands.

1. Open the Google Home App on your Android or iPhone

2. Click on the + icon located at top left corner of the screen

3. Tap “Music and audio.”

4. Under More music services section, click on “Spotify” and then tap “Link Account” in the pop-up window. 

Click on Spotify to connect it with Google home

5. On the Spotify page, enter your email and password to sign into your Spotify account. 

6. On the terms and conditions page, tap “Agree.”

Enter spority email and password and login

7. Spotify should now show up on the Music page and be set as your default music service for Google Home. Alternatively, you can select a different service as the default. After selecting the service, you can begin playing the music. 

You should now see spotify connected to Google Home

How to control Spotify using Google Home?

Using your Google smart speaker, you can send Spotify a number of plain-English commands.

As it understands many variations, experiment freely. You do not have to include “on Spotify” when your default music service is Spotify.  

Make sure you start each of these commands with “Hey Google” or “OK Google”:” 

  • Pause the music
  • Play music by the Beatles.
  • Play Discover Weekly.
  • What is this song?
  • Play “Magic Bus” by The Who.
  • What is this song?

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