How to Get Cash App Card Under 18 [in 2022]? Gbhouse

Cash app has now announced that people over the age of 13 can now start to use their services by spending money and sending money to their friends. The app was previously only available to people over the age of 18 to get a cash card and to use any feature on the app such as investing in Bitcoin.

You can also use Cash App as an anonymous.

Parents permission users over the age of 13 can now start using cash and with any normal bank account where the parent is the co signer on the app, the parent can see everything such as the app activity and what you guys are spending money on. Teams won’t be able to do just anything with cash out, they won’t be able to invest into stocks, Bitcoin or even cryptocurrency.

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In this article, I’m going to be showing you guys how to get the cash app card if you’re under 18.

How to Get Cash App Card Under 18

Once you have downloaded the app, this is the screen that you guys will be shown. It’s going to be the $0 request and pay.

How to get cash app card under 18

All you have to do to order the cash card is go to the second icon right here on the bottom list and press Get Free Cash card. This is where you choose your style from. A black card, a white card, a glow in the dark one, or live.

Click on get free card
Click on get free Cash card

This is where you choose your style from. A black card, a white card, a glow in the dark one, or live.

Choose your style

I’m just going to be choosing the first one. This is where you go to personalized card.

Now click on the Personalized card to proceed further as shown in the below picture.

Click on personalized card

You can either draw on it how you want to. You can choose over hundreds of stickers of basically any icon you want or all you have to do is turn your cash tag off or on whichever you like.

Press done. And this next step when you press order card right here, this is where you are going to want to ship your card. So I have a random address right here and all you have to do is press next.

Click on Next

After you put where you want to deliver that card. Next all you have to do is press used anyway or edit your email or edit your regular address.

Click on use anyway or edit address
Click on use anyway or edit address

Now Put your legal first and last name

Put your legal first and last name

Click on Next and Put your Date of Birth

Now Put your Date of Birth

Cash card is available to ages 13 and above so you have to make sure your birthday is over the age of 13. Then once you put on your birthday you have to press get approved right here.

So if you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or a Guardian to sign off. Most banks require this. It is the law. Basically if you are under 18 you need a parent or a Guardian to co sign your account and basically be the owner of the account until you turn 18. And then once you turn 18 you get full access of the account so you can see you get banking, instant payments and family visibility.

Your parent or Guardian will be able to see your activity and manage your cash card. I believe in managing they can turn it off and on, they can lock the card or they can see every single transaction you have used with it. Then once you press request approval.

After putting your Date of Birth, click on Next > Request Approval

click on Request Approval

Now you have to invite your parent. So if your parent already has Cash app and they are above the age of 18 it could be a parent or a Guardian.

Type in their name or their cash tag and if they don’t have Cash app you can just type in their phone number and you can send it to them. It’s going to send a link where they can connect their cash app to your account.

Type in their name

Once you’ve done that, what you are going to see right here is the waiting for approval you’re going to see your cash card order will be complete once you get approval.

So once your parent or your Guardian connects your account to theirs by the link you send them, they will see a message and once they do that your cash card will be shipped to the address that you put on there and then after that you can use Cash app as normal you can either pay someone an amount of money or you can request an amount of money from anyone that uses Cash app. They can be 13 or above the age of 13.

You can see your cash balance and routing numbers. You can add cash out, you can have direct deposit, you can have a bank transfer or recurring deposits. The only thing you cannot do is invest in Bitcoin or invest in the stocks here only because you’re under the age of 18. The cash app is actually making a big and vital step in helping teens get ahead of their financial journey.

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