How to Get Pride Bot in Subway Surfers?

Unlocking the Pride Bot in Subway Surfers is a fun and easy way to add an extra layer of challenge to your game. To get him you need to collect three keys: The Rainbow Key, the Equality Key, and the Solidarity Key.

The Rainbow Key is earned by completing missions in the main story mode of Subway Surfers. Missions involve tasks such as collecting coins, picking up power-ups, and reaching new levels of the game. Once you complete a mission, you’ll be rewarded with the Rainbow Key.

The Equality Key is earned by completing special events in Subway Surfers. These events are often seasonal or tied to holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter, and asking you to complete tasks like collecting a certain number of hearts or eggs. Once you’ve completed the event, you’ll receive the Equality Key.

The Solidarity Key is earned by completing challenges in Subway Surfers. Challenges are themed around topics such as teamwork and creativity, and involve tasks like racing against other players or creating a unique design for your character. Once you’ve completed a challenge, you’ll receive the Solidarity Key.

Once you have all three keys, simply open Pride Bot in Subway Surfers and it will be unlocked! With Pride Bot at your side, your game will become even more fun and challenging – so start collecting those keys today! Good luck on your mission.

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