How to Modify the Car in FR Legends?

To modify your car in FR Legends, first open the garage menu by tapping on the Car icon at the top of your screen. Within this menu, you’ll find a variety of upgrade options to help improve your vehicle’s performance.

You can upgrade various components such as the engine, exhaust system, brakes, suspension, transmission and wheels. Each of these components will give you unique benefits, such as improved acceleration, handling and power. Additionally, you can customize the exterior of your car with various decals, rims and body kits.

To upgrade any component or part of your car, just tap on the corresponding option in the garage menu. Then pick an item to upgrade and confirm your selection. Once you have made your upgrades, you can hit the “Apply” button to save them and then race with your newly modified car!

Aside from upgrading components in order to improve performance, you can also customize the look of your car. You can choose from a huge range of colors and vinyls to create a unique look for your car. You also have the option of changing the wheels and tires, adding spoilers and even plating your vehicle with gold!

With FR Legends, you can modify your car in any way you want – so get creative and start building your dream ride today!

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