How to Recover Your Deleted Playlists on Spotify?

Spotify lets you recover a deleted playlist, even if you deleted it accidentally or changed your mind.

Spotify has an option to help you recover playlists that you can choose from your account page. To do this, open Spotify in your web browser and go to your account page.

Your Spotify library may take some time to display the recovered playlist.

Spotify gives you the option of recovering a deleted playlist. If you delete a playlist and then regret it, you can undo the action.

It is always a good idea to think twice before deleting something, and Spotify requires that you confirm your deletion command before your playlist is deleted.

Find out how to restore a deleted playlist on your desktop browser.

How to recover deleted playlists on Spotify?

1. Visit the Spotify account page and log in if you haven’t already

2. Click on “Recover playlists” in the left-hand navigation pane

3. Click “Restore” next to the playlist you wish to recover

Click on Restore playlist from Spotify Playlist
See the recover Playlist on your Spotify Account Page

Spotify should load the playlist within minutes. If it doesn’t, close the app and restart it. You can create a new playlist if the restored playlist didn’t appear after a few minutes; the restored playlist should then appear in your library.

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