How to Search for Songs in a Spotify Playlist?

It can be difficult to find a particular song within a 150-song Spotify playlist, but we’ll show you how to easily find a song within a playlist on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Spotify’s apps have this feature, but its web player does not. Unlike some algorithmic playlists, such as Uniquely Yours, Spotify doesn’t display this option in all playlists.

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Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on iPhone:

It’s a bit difficult to find the playlist search option on Spotify for iPhone, but we’ll show you how to get it. Open Spotify and select a playlist.


The “Find in Playlists” search bar appears when you swipe downward anywhere on the Playlists screen.


To find the song or artist you are searching for, tap on “Find in Playlist” and type the name of the song.


Below the search bar, you’ll find the results. Simply tap on a song to play it.

Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on Android

On Spotify’s Android app, you can find songs within a playlist in a slightly different way. Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner after loading any playlist.


Click on “Find in Playlist” Option to search any song from the playlist


Click “Find in playlist” one more time to use the search box.


You can search for songs or artists by entering their names. After entering the name, you can play the song. It’s important to note that Spotify will show you all of the songs of any artist that are featured in a playlist if you search for them.


Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on Windows or Mac

On Windows and Mac, Spotify’s apps let you find songs within playlists in a similar way. Open Spotify for Windows or Mac first, and then select a playlist. Once you’ve selected the first song on the playlist, click the magnifying glass icon.


You will now see the “Search in Playlist” box. In this box, you can search playlists based on song titles or artists.


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