How to Show Emoji in Tuning Club Online?

In Tuning Club Online game, adding emojis to your messages can add a fun and personal touch to your conversations with other players. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to show emojis in Tuning Club Online:

Steps to Show Emoji in Tuning Club Online:

  1. Open Tuning Club Online on your device.
  2. Click on the “Chat” button located on the bottom of the screen, this will open the chat window.
  3. Type in your message in the text field.
  4. To add an emoji to your message, tap on the emoji button located on the keyboard, it could be a smiley face or a similar icon.
  5. Select the emoji you wish to use from the list of emojis that appear.
  6. Your chosen emoji will be added to your message, and you can continue typing your message.
  7. Once you finished typing your message, click on the “Send” button to share it with other players in the game.

Please note that the process of adding emojis may vary depending on the device and version of the game you are using, so if you’re having trouble finding the emoji button, it’s best to check the game’s help or support section for additional instructions.

Additionally, some games may not support emojis, so it’s best to check the game’s settings and support documentation to ensure that emojis are supported before trying to use them.

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