How to use Healing Tool in the Latest Version of Snapseed?

In this article, we will show you how you can use the healing tool in the latest version of Snapseed? So, if you feel any difficulty, you may comment in the below section, we’ll try to respond your queries as soon as possible.

How to use healing tool in snapseed
How to use healing tool in snapseed
  1. In order to begin, upload an image into Snapseed. From the bottom menu, tap on Tools. In the menu that appears, tap on the healing tool. A healing screen will appear. It is difficult to use this tool because it doesn’t give any specific instructions.
  2. Next, you need to pinch two fingers on the area you’d like to remove as you zoom in. Zooming in closer will make the healing process look better.
  3. Tap on the part of your image you want removed to retouch it. The red area represents the area you will be making your changes. Part of the surrounding area will replace that area. It may take some practice to use the healing tool in Snapseed precisely where the area being replaced is.
  4. On the bottom menu, tap the back button to go back a step and reverse the last healing edit. Adding the edit back to the image is easy if you decide you like the edit.
  5. You can save the image once you are happy with it by clicking the checkmark. A new window will open with the menu. Choose the export option. Alternatively, you may choose to save the image.
  6. Saving can be confusing since there are three options. Selecting Save overwrites the original image. Instead, I recommend saving a copy of the original so you can edit it. To finish, you can export a jpg file. jpg files are compact and good to use if you want to print or share the picture later.
Before and after using the healing tool in snapseed
Before and after using the healing tool in snapseed

Wrap up:

We learned how to remove unwanted objects from your photos using the healing tool in this Snapseed tutorial. With the healing tool, you can easily remove bushes, trees, signs, and other miscellaneous objects from your image. 

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