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Features of Hulu App:

Movies and TV shows for your enjoyment

There is a list of popular movies to choose from on Hulu’s home screen. It also recommends videos based on your search history and viewing history, in addition to allowing you to filter content by genre, popularity, actor, etc. Thus, you can browse a vast amount of content that is relevant to your interests.

In its current incarnation, the app is owned by Walt Disney, which is the world’s largest film producer. This platform offers exclusive movie content that you won’t find anywhere else. As well as Hulu’s content, FX Networks offers over 40 popular series and original programming.


Besides having 6 profiles available, Hulu allows you to customize a family member’s experience.

Based on each member’s movie history, you can customize your profile and receive personalized recommendations. Using this application, you can watch movies and TV shows later from a private library. It is possible to create a child profile to automatically filter out movies and programs that might not be appropriate for young children.

Stream live sports online

Unlike normal streaming services, Hulu does not offer sports channels. For access to ESPN, FS1, CBS Sports Network, and the SEC Network, you’ll need to subscribe to a Live TV package.

4K resolution support

With this app, you can choose from multiple resolutions. Whether you prefer 720p, 1080p, 2K, or even 4K resolution, you’ll enjoy watching movies in crystal-clear quality. In order to make the experience as smooth as possible, quality is selected based on the monitor resolution and network speed by default.

A simple way to stream

A smooth, intuitive interface makes watching movies more enjoyable. There is no need to go back to the previous screen if you want to watch other episodes or seasons of the current series. As part of the playback interface, users can rewind, increase or decrease the volume, and return to the movie’s trailer.

Further, it provides features such as preview trailers, plot overviews, number of episodes or seasons, release dates, director, and main actors. This is useful when downloading or playing videos.

Upgrade your account

The app offers users three options: free live TV, without ads..

There is a monthly fee of $5.99 for Hulu standard. There are a variety of movies and shows available, including exclusives, hits, copyright films, children’s shows, and more. Before you decide to renew, you have a 30-day trial period.

Watching this movie will not distract you with advertisements. Hulu No Ads, however, excludes some copyrighted programs. The monthly fee is $11.99.

The most premium package offers almost all of Hulu’s content as well as over 65 live TV channels. Streaming content is also available through this package. There is a 7-day trial available for this plan, but it costs $64.99.


This application now features a new feature called adding widgets directly to your home screen. Anyone can easily add widgets to their home screens. As you tap on your widget, you will immediately access its application. Meanwhile, adding widgets makes your Android phone even more exciting. Users especially benefit from widgets for frequently used applications.

You will find that new features are divided into two main features. This application enables you to get back to what you missed before saving it. It only takes a single touch to continue watching the movies you like. 

Moreover, this application provides you with recommendations that you will surely enjoy. The widget will let you know when the update is ready, so you won’t have to go directly to the application to get it.


When you use a movie viewing application, you do not have to struggle to find your favorite movies. In just a few seconds, you will receive a list of all the titles of your favorite movies. Select the appropriate episode and series to watch if the response list includes the movie you need. In case you are unsure of what to watch, take a look at the trending searches.

You will know the features of the films recommended in this section when you see the name of this section. It provides awe-inspiring content and attracts other viewers. Additionally, it is a great place to find new movies or shows to watch immediately. The entertainment world will engulf you.

You cannot ignore your favorites list in addition to looking for movies. Keeping a list of your favorite movies is a very simple feature. As long as you have added them after each search, you can easily find them again. In this way, your search will be optimized, and you will not have to spend too much time remembering the movies you want to watch.

An incredible movie and show viewing experience

You are sure to find awe-inspiring and constantly-updated series whenever you come to Hulu. With these series, you will always find the best experience. No advertising will distract you from watching your favorite movies. Additionally, you’ll find other great shows as well.

Apart from those movies, this app supports a number of different TV channels. Channels like these cover news, sports, and much more. So you’ll know when their shows air. To experience the programs you like, you must open the app and then the corresponding channel, just as if you were watching TV. Bringing the app to a bigger screen enhances the experience.


The features of Hulu’s support will ensure that users are entertained. Using ChromeCast, you can stream movies to TVs. Thus, your screen will become larger and you can enjoy a better experience. One app paired with the corresponding support lets you enjoy them together with your friends without having to do too much work. Plus, you can prepare the content in advance.

One factor that can help those who prefer watching movies but do not have enough time is downloading their favorite movies. To select the episodes you’re about to watch, it takes a bit of time to do this. Afterward, you can store them in your library and view them whenever you are available. You can now enjoy your favorite movies anytime, anywhere.

MOD features

  • Unlocked all movies
  • Unlocked all TV shows
  • Unlocked all TV channels
  • Support 4K, HDR, DTS resolutions
  • No Ads
  • Supports all countries

App Reviews:

“Love it, but SLOW. I love and use Hulu all the time but the app is SO slow to load up. None of my other streaming services take nearly as long. I’m also not a fan of the different subscription packages. I get excited to see something is on hulu only to discover it’s part of a more expensive package, which is frustrating.” By Kayla Freier

“Wondering why if I have a good wifi singal I can’t finish an episode of a show. Your service really isn’t worth the price you ask for. Other apps work fine. Not hulu. Don’t ask me to troubleshoot your crappie app either. I’m paying for it. You troubleshoot your own app. May as well canceled my subscription. There’s better services that are worth paying for. Still not sure why if I’m paying you still have to deal with ads. Only free streaming apps make you watch ads. They actually work too!” By Eric

“FRUSTRATING! The app freezes on my phone, tablet’s, laptop and smart tv’s! It does this at least once every half an hour. This isn’t a new problem, so I don’t understand why we are still having to accept this as part of using Hulu. I hope this gets fixed before I just can’t take it anymore and just go to another app.(s).” By Karen Boyer

“I literally cannot express how frustrating this app or service is–it’s complete garbage. The last few minutes of a show pause and won’t play–on ANY device. What a horrible, horrible rip off. This app is horrible. It continually crashes and/or freezes and never remembers where you’re at or what you’ve watched.” By Emily Libbey Moe Review Source Google play store

What’s New in the latest Version?

Boo! It may be spooky season, but we made sure there aren’t any goblins or ghouls trying to get in the way of your streaming experience. In our latest release, we did some fine tuning and exterminated some creepy crawlies! Be sure to update your app today.

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Download Hulu MOD APK Free Subscription for Android

It also offers new TV shows, streaming movies, series, and millions of other copyrighted shows. Download the app to access the content. Furthermore, the application contains constant updates, and you can check them every day via the home page. Hulu MOD APK allows for free use of premium services.

The application provides a completely immersive movie-watching experience. You can keep track of all your favorite movies and shows thanks to a huge selection of movies and cool search features. Aside from that, you won’t be disturbed by various factors during the viewing process and can choose the viewing method that meets your needs.

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