Kahoot Hack Auto Answer Scripts & Keys [2022]

Since we launched our service, we have constantly improved our services to solve the quizzes and provide users with a complete guide on how to hack Kahoot. The article will discuss the latest Kahoot hacks and how to get the best results from the bot. Read until the end of the article to learn more. We all know Kahoot is a popular quiz game online. In Kahoot, students use their mobile devices to create a virtual classroom experience.

Kahoot is one of the best quiz creators because it allows teachers to produce quizzes that contain multiple-choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and short answer questions. In addition to setting a time limit, here you can set an extra short or long answer.

We will cover a few more tricks about how to hack Kahoot in this blog post.

Kahoot Hack Introduction:

Kahoot hack was introduced in 2013, and its core feature is a gamified learning app composed of several educational games geared toward making the learning process more enjoyable.

In addition to being used by several schools and educational institutions around the world, Kahoot was initially designed as a social learning app and website. Engaging and motivating students, fostering participation in class virtually, and tracking student progress are all possible with this platform.

The Kahoot hack tool can help teachers boost class participation and improve student engagement, as well as enable teachers to assess their students’ learning.

This app is used extensively in workplace training and development by many companies and organizations.

Several versions of the gamified learning platform are available, including a website and android and iOS apps, which are free in their basic versions.

Then, you can upgrade your membership to one of the following:

  1. Kahoot! Pro ($3/teacher/month)
  2. Kahoot Premium ($6 per month per teacher)
  3. Kahoot! Premium+ ($7.50 per teacher per month)

kahoot blooket features-min

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Kahoot hacks and cheats


Kahoot is a platform for gamified learning widely used. Kahoot platforms like Kahoot are now being preferred by many schools and educational institutions to teach their students. These platforms make the interaction between students and teachers more engaging and fun. Students were able to keep track of their studies using Kahoot during the shutdown of the schools and colleges.

Students and teachers can utilize Kahoot on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. You can download the app or access the website. Teachers can transform classroom activities like lectures, tests, and competitions into games using either of them.

how to hack kahoot

The competition is open to students using the “PIN.” Students can also earn points and even take part in exciting prizes. Such initiatives have revolutionized education during difficult times. Kahoot reached new levels every day as a result.


According to widely held belief, anything online can be hacked sometime. Kahoot is no exception. Kahoot.com has security protocols that can be broken by anyone with a little ethical hacking knowledge. Although it is not so easy to hack the Kahoot app.

However, hackers have exploited specific vulnerabilities and loopholes in the Kahoot app to circumvent its security protocols in some cases. There is also a possibility of hacking Kahoot on the website and the app (more specifically, an older version of the app). These students are trolling their teachers for being blatantly rude.


Scripts, extensions, and keys are the most common methods used to hack the Kahoot website. Hackers and modders develop all of these on the internet. Kahoot! The website is written in JavaScript. Bypassing security protocols, these hacks exploit bugs in the code.

Other than this, some students do not hack Kahoot, but they still cheat on the tests they are given by their teachers using simple tricks. Here are both of them. You can check them out in order to see how simple and easy it has become for exploiters to cheat on Kahoot.


Online, you can find many extensions for Chrome browsers that can be used to hack Kahoot. Activate them while taking the quiz on your PC, then add them to Chrome. Please keep in mind that these extensions are only compatible with the Kahoot website.

Kahoot.com hacks and cheats can be accomplished by using several Chrome extensions:

1. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack: 

With this multifunctional Chrome extension, you are able to reach the right answer to each quiz question by exploiting website bugs. Among the unique features of this program are the ability to automatically retrieve answers, change the number of points per question, and intentionally fail tests.

kahoot auto answer

2. Kahoot Spammer: 

Random bots are fired up on the Kahoot website using this Chrome extension. Multiple answers are sent to the questions. Teachers may become confused.

kahoot flooder spammer

3. Invisible Kahoot Name: 

By installing this Chrome extension, your Kahoot name will be hidden. You’ll be able to cover your answer area with your name, and no one else will be able to see it.

invisible name

4. Kahoot Keys: 

With this Chrome extension, you can answer questions on Kahoot without the need for a mouse. Just press the first four numbers on the keyboard to send your answers. A “help-tool” rather than a hack.

Chrome Web Store also has many other extensions of this type.



To hack into the Kahoot ecosystem, more advanced spammers use scripts, keys, and websites. It is usually to make the quiz better and have fun. Let’s look at some examples.

Additionally, you can also visit mem-rip for kahoot hacking.



Students can also cheat on Kahoot quizzes using simple tricks in addition to the above hacks. These tricks include:

  • When friends find answers, ask them to share them.
  • Correct any incorrect answers that appear on the board.
  • Open two tabs on the Kahoot website. Use one tab to run the game, and another to sign in with a spare account. All the answers can be found easily after finding the pack in which the game runs.
  • Help is available from friends and smart kids in the class.
  • Note down the answers to all the potential packs.

These tricks are now recognized by many teachers and know how to limit them. It is still possible that some teachers are innocent and don’t know that their students are attempting to take advantage of the system.



Educators need to take extraordinary measures to avoid their students hacking Kahoot. They reduce the chance of crashing and spamming the Kahoot games. Students should use the latest version of Kahoot, which should be the first step the teachers should take.

It is not recommended to use the Kahoot website or older apps. Their vulnerabilities are greater. Students should not be given hints or information by their teachers as this can lead to them spreading it. It is not advisable to divulge the PIN too early.

The app includes a number of Kahoot-like websites and third-party apps. It is recommended that teachers stay with Kahoot. Taking these steps will ease the transition.

Wrap up:

Nowadays, many students try to turn Kahoot into something cool by hacking it. This is solely for the purpose of looking cool. Children do this to impress their friends and to irritate their teachers. That’s not how it works. I strongly recommend that students reading this post stop participating in these activities as they only waste time and adversely affect their future.

Instead, you should study honestly, acknowledge the efforts of your teachers, and appear in the quizzes sincerely. This will make an impact somewhere down the line. That’s all for this post.

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