KTM Mod Menu Apk Latest Version V3 for Android [2022]

Latest Version V 3
DeveloperKTM Modder
Size49 MB

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KTM Mod Menu Review:

It’s a Battle Royale game for smartphones. On a mysterious island, you must survive every ten minutes against 49 other players. As a gamer, it is almost impossible to win a match if you don’t have the required cleverness & versatility. Because of this, skilled & talented players fight all the way to the end. It is my intention to write this article to let you know about a modified version of the KTM Mod Menu VIP for Free Fire.

KTM Mod Menu contains built-in features in contrast to the original game. There are more features such as Auto Headshot, Aimbot, ESPs, Ghost Mode, and MedKit. So, all of these cheats can be enabled to help you reach an advanced level of joy.

We have revised the game gameplay specifically for those who have tried the official FF version several times but could not succeed. You can then play with new skill sets by activating the given cheats.

As compared to other games, FF has incredible versatility and uniqueness. The game’s store offers a wide selection of in-game items. These items are only available to premium players. What are you waiting for? There is no point in wasting time on useless methods. 

Features of KTM Mod Menu:

Basically, it is an easy way to give maximum items to players. The results will be instant, so all you have to do is select your favorite cheats. Check out the freebies here.

Aim Cheats:

  • Aimbot
  • Auto Headshot
  • Headshot Rate
  • Aim FOV
  • Aim when Scope
  • Aim without Scope

Extra Sensory Perception (ESPs):

  • Fire
  • Grenade
  • Line
  • Box
  • Moco
  • Target
  • Name
  • Random
  • Distance
  • Skeleton
  • Colors
  • Size

Other Cheats:

  • Teleport Player
  • Ghost Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Map Fog
  • Medkit Run
  • Under Card 500m
  • No Parachute

It’s free to use KTM Mod Menu or KTM Modder YT APK for Android users. It’s very simple to use. It is also quick & easy to activate the features. Simply click the toggle icon. The validity of a tool determines its effectiveness. You will see that it is the newest and most up-to-date mod menu. Furthermore, you will not be bothered by annoying third-party advertisements. Take advantage of it now.

Is it safe to use the KTM Mod Menu?

Since they are verified, only official tools and apps can be trusted. A reputable source can also provide you with a third-party service that is trustworthy. It is similar to how you can test KTM Mod Menu VIP. Install a virtual-space program. Your FF account will now have a fake location. It is therefore ultimately up to you to decide whether it suits your needs or not. Several users use it without a problem. You have a choice to play, but only in our recommended manner.

Wrap up:

You can download the KTM Mod Menu APK file at no cost from our website if you click the link on this page. Be sure to allow unknown sources before installing.

Lastly, take advantage of different cheats available for free in the game. This game has a simple and friendly interface. Beginners will have no problem using it. The homepage of our site has apps, tools, and mods for MOBAs. Our site also provides free APKs.