Likee App Download New Version For Android Phone (June 2021)

Likee is a free video-creating and sharing app which has excellent live streaming capabilities. You can use this app to stream live videos, use video effects, and make different types of videos to express your feelings. Use this awesome app to show off your skills and talents and discover what you’re capable of.

In order to use the app, you will need to register on the app. You can do this quickly and easily with Google or Facebook. In order to keep safe from hackers, you should use avg antivirus apk software.

There are numerous ways to add unique effects and music to your videos. Its music library gives you access to millions of songs which can be played as backgrounds for your videos. Additionally, the app allows you to choose a song from within your phone’s folder.

Unlike other video-editing software, Likee’s video-editing process is fast. With the help of your finger, you can add all kinds of video effects: fireballs, shooting stars, butterflies, and more. With  this app, you can easily add any of these effects to your videos.

Videos are available at all times, and you can also share your best videos with other app users. Plus, you can add the person who creates your favorite videos to your friend list and chat with them at any time.

Download Likee App New Version:

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App Overview:

Latest Version3.62.4
Total Downloads3M
Download OptionsDirect/Play Store

Older Versions:

Version 3.28.0 | Version 3.30.0 | Apk Version 3.39.4. | Latest and full Versions are also available. You can also update the app if you have old version.

Earn Money from Likee App:

In addition to making money from live streaming, users on Likee can send you gifts from their friends and fans. You can exchange all those virtual gifts for real money. As soon as you have some subscribers, go live on Likee. 

 It is also possible to make a lot of money if you get a K1 crown. The K2 Crown Likee App lets you earn up to Rs. 17000 monthly for those who have it.

What are the advantages of Likee App?

Here are the few reasons why you should use this app.

Special Effects Maker:

With Likee, you can make any kind of cool video in seconds. For example, you can use different video effects and face filters to make these videos awesome.


With SuperMix functions, You can add cool video effects like Face Morph, Astral Travel, Face Cut, MV and more! To make a professional and fantastic video, all you need is a photo.

Music Magic and Stickers: 

Make your videos unique with stickers, greetings, quotes, colorful hair, and cute emoji.

Video filter & beauty camera:

With video filters, you can change the background of videos. Get access to video effects like sketch, glitch, vintage, montage and  more! Easily switch between different makeup styles using the beauty camera!

Create worldwide friendships:

You can make lifelong friends from all walks of life through your career. Artists can make friends with other artists.

Take part in live broadcasts and increase Followers:

Get Live on Likee to share your thoughts with the world. Your audience can watch your livestreams and get involved in your life. Receive gifts for displaying your talent and increasing your following. 

Global Live Streaming:

Learn from a wide range of talented hosts. Support your favorite hosts by sending them gifts, watch Live streams, and talk to hosts. Likee Live offers you unique features like LIVE PK, fan club, and tournaments.

App Screenshots:

likee app screenshot
likee app screenshot

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