Make Hotmail Account Free without Phone Number ( Sign Up)

Hotmail email accounts may seem difficult to open, but actually it is incredibly simple, so let’s take a look at how easy it is to make a free hotmail account.

Open or to access the hotmail sign up form, and fill it out as much as you can. Follow the instructions on the same page to fill out the fields correctly. If you already have an account, you can go to Hotmail login page.

Complete Guide to Make Hotmail Email Account on Mobile:

  1. Go to outlook sign up page  to create account online
  2. Click on “Create free account” button
  3. Now create an email without
  4. Change the email if you are facing a problem “Someone already has this email address. Try another name” 
  5. Click on Next and create a strong password
  6. After creating a password, click on next
  7. Enter your first name and last name
  8. Choose your country and select your Date of Birth
  9. A captcha type puzzle will popup, you will have to solve almost 10 captchas (see the below screenshot)
  10. Enter your mobile number (You can leave this field blank if you don’t want to share your number)
  11. Accept Microsoft terms and conditions
Make hotmail account
Make Hotmail Account

Note: If you are from the UK, you will have to visit to create your hotmail ID.

Your account is now ready to use. All your account information (except the email address) are editable from the settings page, with the only requirement being that you type your password to validate your identity.

After logging into your account, there are various optional settings that can be really helpful, such as spam filters, auto-answering, and the import/export of contacts. Thus, you can make your account more secure.

Common Issues You May Face while Creating Account:

There may be mistakes in the form you filled when you attempt to register for Hotmail, such as:

Incorrect data:

Your username may contain illegal symbols (e.g. @, ?, &) Please bear in mind that your username can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.

Incomplete data:

Not filling in some of the mandatory fields for a form will cause a problem, but if you do, the form will be okay.

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