Minecraft Java Edition Mod Apk Download for Android & PC

NameMinecraft Java Edition
CategoryArcade Game
Size227 MB
Latest VersionV1.18.12.01
Mod InfoUnlocked all features
Last updatedApril 9, 2022

Playing games with a single level track and fixed rules makes you feel stale? In that case, Minecraft might be your best option. I highly recommend you try out Java Edition Mod Apk if you want to unleash your creative side and don’t want to be limited by fixed game rules.

In order to win a game of Minecraft Java Edition, you do not need to fulfill any specific task; it is simply a platform where players can challenge their creativity. Over a million copies of this game have been downloaded, making it a phenomenon around the world.

You can customize your world, explore various modes and craft all kinds of objects, purchase items from your ideal creators in the marketplace and play with your friends. Minecraft is full of fun stuff. 

You can download Minecraft Mod Apk on Android and PC as well. There are a lot of versions of the game like Version, V1.16.5, V1.17, V17.0.58, V1.18, and V1.19. Moreover, you can download this game from an1, moddroid and android 11.

There are two other editions of the game available. One is Education edition and other is Pocket edition.

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Minecraft java edition mod apk for android and pc

What is Minecraft Java Edition Mod APK 2022?

It is the modified version of Minecraft called Minecraft Java Edition. Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux users can play this version of the game. You can download this version for free, in contrast to the original, which you have to purchase.

With Java Edition of Minecraft, not only are you able to download the game for free, but you can also access features that are only available through in-app purchases in the standard version. For example, this edition offers unlimited diamonds and money. It also provides free private realms and unlocks premium features. 

Build Almost anything

Features of Minecraft Java Edition APK

Make your world unique and expand it

You can build your own reality in Minecraft by exploring and exploring. It’s possible to design your house as a castle and construct different objects. There is no limit to what you can create in Minecraft’s world. Make mobs appear and change the game’s timing, etc.

These things are possible for players to alter and customize by using the slash commands, which will allow them to change and customize things according to their liking. You can always choose to use Add Ons if you don’t enjoy creating your own maps. These will let you customize your maps to an unprecedented degree. Create trees, rivers, buildings, and more.


One of the many features of the game is the Marketplace. In this place, you’ll find cool items designed by other Minecrafters, including skins, maps, textures packs, and more. Here you’ll find intuitive items from your favorite creators.


A group of 10 people can play Minecraft together. Having so many players playing the game makes it even more fun. Friends may now join you in playing. You can purchase private servers for this game if you want some privacy. Minecraft offers a free 30-day trial of its own private server. Therefore, for the first thirty days, you can play with your friends in your realm for free!

Compete on massive multiplayer servers

Craft your items

One of the best things about Minecraft is that it tests your creativity instead of enforcing rules. During the building process of your house, you can create metal, brick, or any other material that you think will work well for your house. The list goes on and on. Players can make weapons, tools, mining material, maps, farming tools, etc. It’s up to you to unleash your creativity.

Fun Gameplay Modes

The game has many different modes to choose from, so you will never get bored playing minecraft. Among the game modes are multiplayer, allowing you to play online with four friends on a single map; realms, allowing you to create your own private realm and play with up to ten people; servers, allowing you to play with players from all over the world; and a marketplace.


In this game, everything revolves around the graphics. Stunning visuals, cute character designs, and more. Immerse yourself in this game with these cool graphics.

Fend off dangerous mobs

Features of Minecraft Java Edition Mod APK

Using the java mod edition, you will have access to an unlimited amount of money and gems, so you don’t have to wait for your favorite items to be delivered and will be able to progress faster in the game.

No need to register

There is a mod java version of minecraft available for those who don’t want to use the membership process and may enjoy the premium content without registering or subscribing.

Free servers

It is possible to play in your own realm with yourself and 10 of your friends using the Minecraft Java Edition mod apk without making in-app purchases such as those required by the original version.

Unlocked Premium Features

Java edition mod apks of Minecraft give you access to all premium features that previously cost money to purchase.

More Features:

  1. Unlimited blocks
  2. Unlimited items
  3. Unlimited tools
  4. Unlimited resources
  5. Anti-Griefing system
  6. Command Block support
  7. Multi world support
  8. Creative mode
  9. Shulker Boxes
  10. Elytra Wings
  11. Armour Stand
  12. Mob Catcher block
  13. Infinite Worlds
  14. Increased Game Speed
  15. Save on demand
  16. Save on sleep
  17. Save on quit
  18. No crafting recipes
  19. Only 1 command to learn ( /mc )
  20. Command aliases for user convenience
  21. Self-repairing tools and armor
  22. Server suitable map generation system (uses caves, ravines, overhangs, etc.)
  23. Better caves with lots of light-emitting blocks! The possibilities are endless! In Minecraft, you can even load chunks saved in previous versions using the import command!
  24. Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support between Windows and Linux/OS X (including Pocket Edition) without using a cross-platform server or third-party software such as MCCE!
  25. Better support for multiple players on a single computer without plugins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Minecraft Java on Android?

You can play Minecraft Java Edition on an Android smartphone if you already have one.

Q. Is Minecraft Java edition mod apk compatible with my phone?

A: Yes, it is. Because the latest version of Minecraft java edition mod apk is free to download, you don’t need to pay for it.

Q. Is there any risk when I install Minecraft Java edition Mod Apk?

Neither your mobile phone nor your personal information is at risk.

Q. How do I update my Minecraft Java edition Mod Apk?

Firstly, you must uninstall the old version of Minecraft java edition mod apk. Then, install the new version.

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