MMR Booster ML Apk Latest Version V3.0 for Android [2022]

Latest VersionV3.0
Developer Tans Droid
Size3 MB

MMR Booster ML Review:

Earning the highest ranking in an online multiplayer game is a strenuous process. It requires polished skills and pro gaming items. Today, different regions of the world play online action games. A free Android app to take in the game sharply, MMR Booster ML makes you a more powerful warrior on ML Battlefields.

As the name implies, MMR Booster ML is a rank-boosting tool. In other words, it can help you improve your rank. Essentially, it is a 3rd party app that takes over the ML servers by deceiving them. Due to this, a chosen player is made the winner of the match and the ranking begins to be

by the AI. The MLBB sees you as the number one player because you will be using it. Thus, you will be able to beat even the pros. Do you have what it takes to become an outstanding MLBB player?

Afterward, you can download the latest part of MMR Booster ML for free. The APK file allows you to inject your favorite cheats. A lot of money is invested by ML gamers to earn these features. Nevertheless, you won’t have to break the bank to get them. You can find a list of freebies here.

Features of MMR Booster ML:

This email is to let you know that MMR refers to Matchmaking Rating. Online multiplayer games use this term. A player’s time spent playing the game is represented by this number. In truth, it explains the gameskills of a Legendary Player. With MMR Booster, you’ll be able to achieve Mobile Legends’ Honorary Badge. In any case, let’s focus on the cheats in the app.

Rank Booster

Activating this feature allows you to improve your rank immediately in a match. Yes, you can improve your rank when you are among the losers. Become a winner by minimizing the chances of defeat.

Enemy Lag 65%

Furthermore, you can make it difficult for competitors to get to you. Your competitors will experience a delay. Thus, you can eliminate them in an instant. By combining these two features, you can maximize their impact.

Hack Defense (Tank)

In ML battles, there is no room for error when it comes to self-defense. As your defense material becomes more powerful, you become more protected from enemy damage. To live longer in the deadly match, you can use MMR Booster.

Damage Up 80%

You can also deal 80% damage to the frontiers if you attack them. That is enough to kill them. Your score/points increase the more effectively you damage the enemy. Thanks to MMR Booster, it’s now practically possible.

Team Pro

Playing Mobile Legends involves two teams of players facing off against one another. You can make your entire team Pro for free by using these features. Make sure all of your teammates are on top!

Hack Server (Random)

All the enjoyment that fans receive comes from game servers. They determine which survivors will win. Hence, control these servers secretly, and get the desired results in no time.


Furthermore, MMR Booster ML has a built-in Anti-Ban system that cannot be blocked by ML servers. ML servers cannot track its activity. You won’t experience any negative consequences.

Simple UI

 I also like how easy it is to use the user interface. Choosing a hack is as simple as picking one from the menu.

Free to Use

Furthermore, it does not spend ML diamonds or money on its service. Everything is free.

How to use MMR Booster ML?

Using this tool, would you like to improve your ranking in ML games? You can achieve your goal easily by following the steps provided.

  1. This page contains the APK file for MMR Booster ML.
  2. Installing it from an unknown source requires a few permissions.
  3. To access the available hacks, open the app.
  4. You can access a specific cheat by turning the toggle of its toggle.
  5. By doing this, you can turn any feature ON/OFF in less than a second.
  6. Let’s finish with a few extra features. You will be satisfied with the results.


Injecting all cheats at once is not a good idea. One or two cheats at a time is fine. The negative effects will be greatly reduced. In order to avoid any potential danger, don’t be too greedy.

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Wrap up:

Third-party app MMR Booster ML APK offers free access to multiple premium elements. Consequently, it is used by many ML gamers. Simpler & easier gameplay for MLBB is guaranteed. Even the hardest of gamers will be defeated in no time. The freebie lover will be delighted. Mods for a variety of online games are available for download. Take the time to browse this platform.