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NameMutant Fighting Cup 2
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Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequirementsAndroid 5.0

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The most recent MOD APK for Mutant Fighting Cup 2 gives you unlimited energy and health without showing you much advertising. The premium version is currently available on Gbhouse.

The unique gameplay mechanics allow you to take on new adventures as you freely explore the endless mutants.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 offers you a much enhanced gameplay experience with a comprehensive set of new mutant monsters that are much more fearsome and have much more interesting abilities. Select your monsters, boost them up, and collect them all. Bring them into the epic battles. Defeat your enemies and become the champion.

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Gameplay of the Game

During Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mod Apk, Android games will have an opportunity to explore a world that has legalized animal fighting. In contrast, humanity’s lust for blood knows no limit, and they continue to think that fighting normal animals is not enough. Using advanced technology, people have been breeding new species of animals to create powerful mutants.

Gamers who download the game on Android will take on the role of mutant monster trainers, who will join other players in their quest to gather the strongest mutant monsters, create the perfect squad, compete with other top-tier trainers, and earn special rewards. In Mutant Fighting Cup 2, you will encounter endless levels and challenges as you take on the endless championships.

You will face powerful monsters and bosses, each of whom has their own fighting technique and mechanics. Level up your monsters using the advanced training options. Generate new monster species by unlocking their mutations. You can have fun playing the addictive in-game action to your fullest extent as you engage in an in-depth and addictive strategy battle. Take on new challenges with your friends and other online players.

Features of Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mod Apk:

Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Play with a variety of animals

The Android gamers can choose their normal animals to begin Mutant Fighting Cup 2 with, each with its own traits and features. Choose anything you like and begin the mutation process to give them new traits while retaining their original shape. You can battle them, level them up, unlock their new evolutions, and train them. Use their amazing traits on the new mutants and give them greater powers. There are plenty of options for spirit animals in the game, so you can always choose your favorite.

In-game challenges with endless levels

Players will have access to the endless levels inside Mutant Fighting Cup 2, which will take them to the endless tournaments, quests, and competitions within the game. Use your incredible roster of monsters to compete with other trainers in the game. Complete the levels to unlock experiment points and rewards for your team. Continually enjoy the endless in-game levels and escalating challenges that will keep you hooked on the game.

Fight with monsters in epic battles

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 now offers many awesome monsters and enemies to make the fights even more entertaining.

 Take part in epic battles with legendary monster bosses from around the world, each with its own unique fighting mechanics and characteristics. Discover how you can overpower your enemies with your mutant monsters and counter their powers. You will always be hooked on this game because of the dynamic combat experiences with different opponents.

Tips for boosting your animal’s power

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 allows Android gamers to unlock new levels and experience points by training their animals. Choose from various mutants and their skills and traits to equip on them. Identify the most appropriate abilities for the mutants and those that will have the most impact on the squad.

Boost your mutant’s abilities

Your animals and mutants can not only become more capable and stronger through training and leveling up, but they can also become a part of an evolution which will give them new and powerful genes in addition to awesome abilities and stronger powers. Therefore, you should always give your monsters the chance to earn their strongest forms.

Try different combinations of genes

Gamers can choose from a variety of different genes here in Mutant Fighting Cup 2, each of which allows mutants to unlock new abilities. Take a look at traits from different categories, including attack, defense, and support. Using different gene combinations, you can give your animals the best traits that can help you win battles.

Plenty of power-ups and boosters

Using the available power-ups and boosters in the game will allow you to unlock many new special abilities for your in-game characters, which will give your team an edge when fighting powerful enemies. You must, however, not forget that these are only temporary powers and must be used carefully.

Strategy gameplay that’s exciting

Android gamers now have the chance to enjoy the exciting gameplay of turn-based strategy in Mutant Fighting Cup 2, in which their animals’ skills can be utilized against the enemies. In the game, you can also find out the best team compositions to fight with other trainers and monsters. Plus, the different power-ups and boosters will also add another layer of strategy gameplay, allowing you to pick the perfect moment to unleash your temporary boosts and turn the tides of the battle. Mutant Fighting Cup 2 offers players the opportunity to explore the unique strategic elements and a thrilling gameplay experience.

Take your friends to the game

You’ll be able to take part in exciting PvP challenges as you join friends in Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Match your powerful mutants up with each other and test your skills to win the game.

Challenge others in the leaderboards

The game also features epic online leaderboard challenges, which make Mutant Fighting Cup 2 even more competitive. With ranked battles, you can challenge your friends and other online players. Your goal is to earn your way up the leaderboards by winning the matchups versus other players. To earn your bragging rights with your friends, you can complete unique achievements and trophies within the game.

No cost to play

Thanks to a new application on the Google Play Store, Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is now available for free in the App Store for those interested in the mobile title. Many features within the game are now at no cost to players, so they can enjoy them more. Please note though that you will still need to pay real money to unlock the in-game purchases and ads.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Energy & Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked All
  • Free Purchase
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlock all animals

Visual and sound quality


Mutant Fighting Cup 2 contains stunning new visuals, powerful fights with stunning visual effects and animation, and other intriguing visual elements that will keep you completely engaged with the game.

 The undemanding 2D graphics also enable Mutant Fighting Cup 2 to offer smooth and satisfying gameplay for all Android gamers.

Sound & Music

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 not only features interesting graphical elements, but also features spectacular audio effects and exciting soundtracks to engage you in your epic battles with mutant monsters. As you play the game, listen to their powerful roars, realistic attack moves, and on-theme soundtracks.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Mutant Fighting Cup now runs smoother than ever thanks to several updates.

With the new PvP mode, users can battle their friends even sooner

Let’s Wrap this Up:

The action and strategy gameplay of Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is simple, yet highly engaging and entertaining. Experience endless levels and online gameplay in turn-based strategy battles. Choose how to customize the mutant animals you create. Moreover, you’ll always be able to enjoy it more thanks to the free and unlocked version of the game on our website.

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