8 New Features of WhatsApp going to launch in 2021

2020 has been big for WhatsApp because WhatsApp is going to launch many new useful features. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can use new recently launched WhatsApp features effectively. For the time being, WhatsApp is testing these features in the beta version. Some of the features are already launched.

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As you already know that WhatsApp is one of the top powerful and reliable communication sources. It has 1.5 billion users from all over the world and the number of users is increasing day by day. People have been waiting for new WhatsApp features for a long time. Most people are using customized versions of WhatsApp(FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc) to gain extra features. But now officially WhatsApp announced that some new WhatsApp features are coming in the new update.

New WhatsApp Features list:

We have listed down all the new features expected to launch in 2021. Some of these features are so amazing that you will be amazed by knowing these features. If you are new on the site, you can bookmark this site for the latest updates about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Payment Feature:

Every one of us sends and receives the payments on a daily basis. But even in this modern era, people are facing a number of difficulties in payments. Keeping this thing in mind, WhatsApp is going to launch a payment feature in the next update.

Payments through Whatsapp are more secured and safer. After adding your bank account detail you can start your UPI(Unified Payment Interface) payments through WhatsApp. People will get rid of payment issues after releasing this feature.

People having the latest iPhone and Android phone can access the WhatsApp Payment features. To send payments in India, the user should have a bank account in India. You can see the payment option in the following screenshot.

Whatsapp Payment_feature
WhatsApp Payment_Feature

Mute Always:

In the previous updates, you were bound to mute the group notifications for up to 1 year only. But now if you don’t want to get irritating notifications, you will have the option to mute the group chat notifications forever. No doubt, you will have the family Whatsapp groups where a lot of useless messages come on a daily basis. So by using this feature, you will not get boring messages like Hello, Good morning, Good night, what’s up, etc, and save your precious time.

New Wallpapers:

In the upcoming updates, you’ll see a lot of new amazing and beautiful wallpapers. In the recent version, you can set only one wallpaper for all the chats but in the new update, you’ll be able to set separate wallpaper for every chat or group.

Disappearing messages feature
Disappearing Messages Feature

WhatsApp Advanced Search:

Basically, this feature is already available in the WhatsApp current version but it is going to be more advanced in the next update. Now will have the option to search by filtering images, locations, contacts, videos, and text specifically. This is a very useful and amazing feature of WhatsApp.

New storage management tool:

It was a very big headache for the WhatsApp users to know how much storage is being used by a specific group or chat. Now, WhatsApp is going to solve this problem by launching a new storage management tool. Hence, you can clean up your storage by deleting useless data.

Group Call Limit increased:

Due to the pandemic, WhatsApp is going to increase the group audio and video call limit. In the current version of WhatsApp, you can add only 4 members to a group video call but in the next update, you’ll add up to 8 persons in a group call.

Group video call limit increased
Group video call Limit Increased

Multi-Device Support:

With a multi-device support function, you will be able to use one WhatsApp account on mobile, tablet, and desktop at the same time. In the current version, you can run one account on one device only.  Hence, you’ll able to call anyone using your desktop or iPad also. Hope these features will come soon.

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