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Requirement5.0 +
Latest VersionVERSION v1.5.0
File size40 MB

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PicasoTV Review:

It is becoming apparent that the Internet is the new television every day. People in the modern world don’t watch television at particular hours as they used to. People have set schedules. As a result, many online TV apps, like PicasoTV, have appeared that enable users to watch live television, movies, sports, shows, and even seasons. And the best part is, PicasoTV is completely free.

Additionally, you cut down on your monthly cable charges as well as enjoy the best video services remotely. Use the app over Wi-Fi or 4G data to access it.

There is no restriction on who you can use. Additionally, there is no fee for them. However, official apps are always recommended. However, thousands of users still use these non-official platforms regularly. Our review of TV apps has no ties to the owners, as we merely wish to provide you with more knowledge and information.

Salient Features of PicasoTV:

It’s also a masterpiece by an Indian developer, like a lot of TV apps. In spite of its proximity to Pakistan & Bangladesh, the Indian film industry exerts a significant influence there as well. There are around 1700M+ people in this region who enjoy watching TV, theatre, and cinema. Therefore, there has to be a lot of media content available. That’s where PicasoTV comes in. It has four different menus.

  • Home (Random Collections)
  • Discover (Find Your Favorite)
  • Streaming (Watch Live TV)
  • Library (Movies/Series/Shows)
  • My List (Your Favorites)

Discover – 

You can also easily search for your favorite materials using the second group.


Thirdly, you can choose to see current or trending topics in your region.


Fourthly, we have a collection of the most viewed or famous movies and series.

My List

The last feature is the ability to create a list of your favorite movies, seasons, animes, and so on.

Other Features:

  • Use Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Autoplay option.
  • Downloads videos.
  • Adjust aspect ratio.
  • Subtitles.
  • No ads.
  • No password/subscription.
  • Easy UI.
  • And much more.

Wrap up:

PicasoTV suggests you create a Picaso account the first time you open the app. Saving your watch history or downloading videos is essential. In any case, you do not have to create an account if you do not want to. When you can’t subscribe to a premium app, it is a good source of free videos.

In addition, there are a few other options, but do not forget that they are all unofficial products.

It is therefore possible to encounter minor issues and problems. You have to deal with them, though. Before leaving, please make sure you have checked everything. Hopefully you’ll like it. Since PicasoTV APK was developed through hard work, it required effort.

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