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DeveloperPsiphon Inc.
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Requirements4.0 and up
Mod Featuresunlimited speed
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To access your favorite websites, download Psiphon Pro MOD APK 2022 for Android & PC to bypass any security.

It is possible to surf the internet for free with Psiphon Pro (MOD, Free Subscribed) as users can access the application’s many secure servers around the world.

Do you know if there is a website you want to visit on the internet but it’s blocked in your country? Most of us have experienced this. Occasionally, it’s frustrating not to be able to access a website due to restrictions. Couldn’t you rather not suffer that any longer?

We can enjoy internet freedom with the help of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). However, most VPN software and apps charge a fee! Many offer free trials, but there are limits. It is a free VPN that never asks for your credit card information. This article will provide an overview of what it is and the benefits it offers. What are you waiting for?

Why do you need Psiphon Pro?

You can use Psiphon Pro to access any website that has been blocked by your country. There are some countries that block popular websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others. This app allows you to enjoy the sites that everyone else is enjoying.

This is also a revolutionary application which allows you to communicate with family and friends in other places which are banned by those sites. With this app, you are able to access all of these websites without restrictions. Additionally, it conceals your IP address to hackers, search engines, and advertisers who may collect and use it.

There’s no need to fear data collection or government surveillance ever again. The app is so useful to use no matter where you are. As of today, millions of internet users worldwide remain secure with this tool, launched in 2004.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited-subscription-unlocked-
  • Forced-browser-opening-after-connecting-to-vpn-disabled-
  • All-ads-removed-
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Psicash
  • Analytics-removed-
  • Cpu-supports-armeabi-v7a-arm64-v8a-
  • Original-signature-changed

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Ways to Use Psiphon Pro:

Despite the App’s widespread usage now and its millions of users, it wasn’t always like that. It took a few years for this software to gain widespread popularity since it only came to people living in countries that forbade internet access.

Nonetheless, this rule no longer exists as time passes. You can now use this app in various ways:


The app allows you to search only the banned websites in your country, so you are free to use it that way! Launch the app by tapping the Start button. When it turns grey, it means that it is connecting. 

The red P indicates that it isn’t ready yet; when it turns grey, it means it is starting! Upon turning blue, the app will automatically open its built-in browser so you can access blocked websites within your country. 

Furthermore, you can hide your IP address and use random IP addresses from other places to protect your data.

Tunnel Your Whole Device:

This will allow you to freely visit your favorite websites with other browsers. As an alternative to the Psiphon app, you can use other browsers. You will need to root your phone or run Android 5.0 in order to access the site. Then you’ll be able to browse any website and protect yourself from online theft.

Features of Psiphon Pro:

This amazing app has a lot of features that we should dig deep into to understand its full potential. It’s good news for us that the app has tons of features that make life easier. These include:

Powerful and diverse servers: 

As good as a VPN app and software is its quality and amount of servers. It offers incredible power because it works with a global network of servers that has multiple entry points so that you never lose internet connection. As soon as you connect, the service will not be interrupted.

No registration: 

To use VPN software and apps, you need to create an account. People aren’t comfortable giving out their personal information because that’s bothersome. It provides you with the option to use Psiphon Pro without creating an account! It is completely free, so no trial is needed!


It offers in-app usage statistics in addition to the features mentioned above. Therefore, you can use the app to browse websites or get accurate data when you need it. It gives you an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the app.


To make the app truly yours, you can also customize the proxy settings. The features of this free VPN service will set it apart from many others.

Exclude apps:

The VPN tunnel can include apps as well as exclude them if necessary. This allows flexibility in what apps can use VPN features. Nevertheless, you may exclude it if certain apps shouldn’t use it. That’s all!


You don’t have to worry about your data being leaked since Psiphon Pro has been around for more than a decade. Globally, it is trusted as an open-source, peer-reviewed app. Several top VPN review sites have featured it, giving it even more credibility. Is there anything else you need?

Wider selection of protocols:

Last but not least, the app’s additional protocols beyond those available through a standard VPN are made possible by their global Psiphon network. You get free access to normally restricted sites.

App Reviews:

“I’ve been using this since a very long time ago. But now, after the update, I can’t use it anymore. It won’t stop connecting. I waited for 20 whole minutes and it didn’t connect even once! 20 MINUTES! I thought the problem was on the app, so I re-downloaded it 3 times! 3 TIMES! And yet it still didn’t work even once! Then, I thought the problem was due to my phone so I restarted it and it still didn’t work. I’m honestly disappointed since I’ve been using this for a long time already. Fix this!” By AbyssalReg

“Perfect. If your VPN does it’s task. And doesn’t destroy your screen with adds and is free. It’s perfect. I only get the one off add every three or two uses. They’re never relevant and that only makes the showing of the apps performance and function that much more impressive. Perfect.” By Nomaan Haque

“Psiphon can always connect, however it is extremely slow and annoying to use. Every time you connect to the VPN it opens a browser page without your consent.” By Flat Top

“Omg I found this out!!! Connect with free wifi like Xfinity wifi or wifi that’s free but you need to sign in, then connect with Psiphon and when it takes you to a page press home and your automatically connected 😱😱🤯” By LenBeast Review Source Google Play Store

App Screenshots:

Psiphon Pro Mod APK – Unlimited Speed, Unlocked

If you want to upgrade your Psiphon app to access more features, then download the unlimited speed mod APK of Psiphon now and access your favorite sites! You can also download its old version 169.

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