How to Remove Recently Played List on Spotify 2022?

It is possible to access the songs and playlists you played recently on Spotify Premium. The “recently played” playlist is accessible to anyone who follows you, and it is not just visible to you. Some people may find this to be a bit intrusive if they are discreet with their music tastes. Fortunately, you have the option to choose what to keep from your recently played music and what to remove.

You might also find this useful if you don’t want your friends or family to be able to hear your recently played music or podcasts if they access your Spotify account. Spotify’s desktop apps for Windows and Mac allow you to clear your recently played music. 

It is important to note that clearing the Recently Played list is not available on the Spotify app or on the Spotify web player, but if you do so in the desktop app, it is removed from all devices that utilize your Spotify account.

To Remove Recently Played List on Spotify:

Open the Spotify app on your PC or Mac and Select “Recently Played” from the menu on the left.

Recently Played Tab on Spotify

Your recently played songs, albums, and artists will appear in the Recent Played menu. Your recently played songs, albums, and artists will appear in the Recent Played menu.

View the available settings by hovering your mouse over the listed covers. Depending on whether you like the music, you can play it again, add it to your favorites list, or remove it.

By clicking the three-dot menu icon, you can remove the item from your “Recently Played” list as shown in the below screenshot

Click on three dot

Choose “Remove From Recently Played” from the options menu.

click on Remove from Recently Played

Clicking the button will remove the item from the Recent Plays list. Including on mobile devices, this will also delete the item from other Spotify devices connected to your account.

It’s not possible to clear the “Recently Played” list at once, so you’ll need to do this step for every entry.

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