How to Restore WhatsAPP Backup in GBWhatsAPP?

Imagine your phone is lost or you’ve got a new one, and you don’t want to lose your GBWhatsApp chats and stuff. The solution is simple: when you set up GBWhatsApp again, it can bring back your deleted messages, chats and media from a backup on Google Drive or your phone’s storage. This way, your important conversations stay safe and sound. Here’s how you can restore your messages in GBWhatsAPP. But first let’s check What is GBWhatsAPP backup file?

What is GBWhatsAPP Backup File?

The GBWhatsApp backup file is typically stored on your device’s internal storage or external SD card. The exact location can vary depending on your device and settings. To find it, you can navigate to your device’s file manager and look for a folder named “GBWhatsApp.” Inside this folder, you should find a “Backups” subfolder where your backup files are stored. If you’ve chosen to back up to Google Drive, a copy of your backup will also be saved online.

How to Restore GBWhatsApp Backup to GBWhatsApp Manually?

If you’re getting a new Android phone and want to transfer your GBWhatsApp chats, follow these simple steps to recover your old messages:

Step 1: Find the Backup File

First things first, locate the backup file of your GBWhatsApp chats. You can usually find it in your phone’s internal storage, specifically in a folder named “GBWhatsApp.” The file itself will likely have a name like “GBWhatsApp backup [Date] [Time].crypt12.”

Step 2: Install GBWhatsApp

On your new phone, install GBWhatsApp. Once the installation is complete, open the GBWhatsApp app.

Step 3: Access Settings

In the GBWhatsApp app, tap the three dots menu located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Navigate to Chat Settings

From the menu that appears, select “Settings,” and then choose the “Chats” option.

Step 5: Initiate Chat Backup

In the “Chats” section, click on “Chat Backup.”

Step 6: Start the Restoration

You’ll now see the “Restore” option. Tap on “Restore” to kickstart the restoration process.

Step 7: Detection and Restoration

GBWhatsApp will automatically search for the backup file. If it finds it, your chats will be restored without any hassle. However, if the backup file isn’t automatically detected, you can use the “Select backup file” option to manually locate it.

Step 8: Complete the Restoration

Once the backup file is detected, click on “Restore” again to begin the restoration process. Before proceeding, ensure that you’re using the same phone number you used for the backup. Also, avoid making any changes to the app’s name or folder, as this could prevent detection by GBWhatsApp.

That’s it! Your chats will soon be back on your new Android phone, making your transition smooth and worry-free.

If you didn’t find the option to recover the deleted messages, update the GBWA Pro and you will see all the options.

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