Sameer Virtual GL APK (Latest Version) v1.0 for Android

RequirementsAndroid 4.2+
DeveloperSameer Arora
File size9 MB

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Sameer Virtual GL Review:

PUBG Mobile players can hack PUBG Mobile’s updated season using Sameer Virtual GL (Global), a free Android application. Multi-account support is available for all your gaming needs. This simple app allows you to copy any app or game on the Android OS.

There is no doubt that this application is the best virtual Android application, as it is lite in size. You can also use this application to cheat in PUBG Mobile. As indicated by the title GL, this app’s main purpose is to provide an access point for hackers to hack PUBG Mobile Global. By creating a second account (guest account), Sameer Virtual will allow you to hack PUBG without getting banned.

About Sameer Arora GL Virtual:

In the history of online gaming, PUBGM and Lite are the best games. Each day, billions of people around the world play this game for fun and joy. As the game develops, users can expect regular updates to keep them interested.

PUBG Global latest edition hack is simple and smooth. A hacking app is required along with this app. With this app, you won’t be able to be tracked by officials for illegal hacking activities.

It is also possible to copy other apps and games on your device. It is also possible to manage multiple accounts. And the best thing without any on/off you can jump from one account to another account.

How to setup Sameer Virtual (Global)?

You can download this file by clicking You can switch between accounts without any on/off.the link above. Install the file on your preferred device and run the virtual machine. The next step is to clone the PUBG global version of the game and the hacking app you desire.

The next step is to start the virtual and run the program in the background, and then you should allow some permissions to print on the device’s screen.

By allowing the permissions, you can use unlimited cheats and hacks without being automatically and permanently banned from PUBGM.

Sameer Virtual GL Features:

There are many features in the application, but I will list only a few. It has many features in it; I’m just listing some of the best.

  • Downloading and installing this app is free, and there is no promotional content.
  • One click is all it takes to make a clone of any app or game.
  • Hacks and cheats should be able to be used on a secure port.
  • Virtual identities will be created.
  • Hide IP addresses, locations, and other important information.

Is it safe to run the Sameer Arora Virtual app on Android?

Developers of the application claim that it is safe to use and bypasses all security loopholes. Due to the 3rd party application, we cannot guarantee or protect the data. But if you prefer, you can use it.

Is it legal to use this App?

There are many legal and illegal uses for the application. In the end, it’s up to you how you want to use it. Hackers and gamers can use this for cloning apps and games. Do not use it for illegal purposes.

How to download the APK file?

APK files are easy to download. Tap on the download button above the page to download the app one-click installation file. There is no need to worry because the file has been tested and is safe to use.

Don’t install any applications related to this app from the Play Store since it’s not available there.

How to install the APK file on Android OS?

Since it is a 3rd party application, it is not yet available in the Play Store. For this reason, Android users must adjust certain settings.

  1. On the device settings, look for the option “unknown source”.
  2. Upon finding it, enable it.
  3. Click the settings tab to close it.
  4. The download folder can be found in the file manager.
  5. To install the given application, locate the APK file and tap on it.
  6. To install the text (icon), click the next button.
  7. You can now open the app and enjoy the benefits.

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Wrap up:

With Sameer Virtual GL, you can easily clone any application, game, or even hack PUBG and other battle royale games. However, it depends on how you think about it but it is used within the circle of law. Also, let us know what you think about this app in the comment section.

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