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Shareit is an online file transferring application available for a range of platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS. Our discussion in this article revolves around how to download the app on an iOS device, and we will share the latest version here.

This software is 100% malware-free, and you can download it for free.  You will fall in love with this amazing app.

The app is also available on Mac and Windows platforms. To run this application on this platform, you must have an Android Emulator. There are dozens of File Transfer / Sharing apps available for Android, iOS, and Mac.

It is the most popular app. Using this application, you can share Videos, Music, Pictures, essential files, and apps from one device to another within seconds.

Technical Information:

App NameShareit
PlatformiOS / iPhone
SizeVaried with devices
DeveloperSHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Last UpdatedToday

The Shareit Apk for iOS app was first released in 2012, and till now, it has more than 200 million downloads. Because of its tremendous number of features, millions of people are using it daily. Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss its features later in this article.

This application has the most security feature which they use while transferring your important data. Because of this security feature, your data is in a safe zone. 

There are tons of ways of sharing the file from one device to another one, and popular ones are USB, Bluetooth, or Cloud Computing Technology. However, transferring through USB may be inconvenient for you.

Carrying the cable is a difficult task, and it’s quite risky. And when it comes to Bluetooth, it’s not possible to transfer the big files.

Features of Shareit Apk for iOS:

Fastest Sharing: 

Sharing and transferring files with Shareit is speedy. The app can be downloaded for free on a number of mobile platforms. You can even transfer files across platforms.

The app allows iOS and Android users to share files easily with each other. This application does not require any third-party software. It offers you the highest transfer speed, up to 20 MB per second, 200 times faster than Bluetooth. 


Don’t worry if you are unable to understand the English language. This Shareit Apk for iOS is available in up to 39 languages. The most popular languages are Russian, Hindi, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, English, Russian. So you just need to select your language from the setting and start using this application right away. 

Transfer All Types of Files: 

If you are going to use this application, then you know you can quickly transfer every type of file: no matter whether it’s Videos, Music, Files, Documents, Gifs, and many more.

Moreover, when it’s come to transferring, there is no restriction on the size and number of files. Its transfer speed is much faster than Bluetooth or any other transferring application. It’s faster than Bluetooth, NFC, Airdrops, and others. 

Embedded video player: 

You know what, now you don’t need to download any third-party video download from Google PlayStore. The latest version of the app comes with a preloaded video downloader that allows you to download any of your favorite content in HD formats.

This application gives you access to over a million videos quickly. Moreover, the users can download all of these videos to their devices for free. 

Multiple Devices: 

No other application allows sharing your content over different devices at the same time. Thanks to this application, it will enable you to share your content over 5 different devices simultaneously. As a result, you can easily share your content without losing quality. 

In-built safe box: 

The app comes with different features, and being built safe is also one of them. It comes with a file encryption feature that helps to secure your important files and data. In addition, its pre-built vault is the only way to keep your media files safe and secure from any person. You can also download shareit on your pc.

Save Battery: 

There are tons of applications available on Google PlayStore AppStore, allowing you to transfer your files from one to another. But Thanks to the Shareit application that offers you the best features.

Once the transfer completes, this application automatically turns off the hotspot on your device. As a result, this feature saves your battery life and performance. 

Easy to Use: 

This application has an easy UI and UX process. To get started with this application, you just need to create an account and start it right away. But still, if you get any issues, you can comment below. Our team is always ready to help our Viewers.


This application offers you tons of customization that make your work a lot easier. It offers you access to tons of wallpapers, stickers, Gifs, which you can use to customize your home screen. 

How to install Shareit on an iPhone in India?

To install the Shareit Apk file on iOS, you just need to follow the basic process. You just need to open the AppStore and search for the app. Then just follow the simple installation process to install this application on your iOS device.  Make sure you have downloaded the new version of the app which is 7.1.2.


NO Doubt Shareit Apk  is one of the best file-sharing applications which you can download for all platforms. This application has tons of features that you love to discover by yourself.

A secure connection and a virus-free file transfer are some thoughtful features that you should not overlook. Despite the high number of features available in the application, the application remains free to all users. 

It is a speedy, easy-to-use file-sharing application that has revolutionized how individuals share data. Those who own a smartphone will find it a much better alternative than Bluetooth or USB. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and start enjoying 200 times faster file transfers and manage your time better.

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