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DeveloperShoujo City
Latest VersionV1.4
Total Installs5,000,000+
Mod FeaturesUnlimited money
Requirements6.0 and up
Last updatedToday

Shojo City 3D is a simulation game with captivating visuals that allows players to immerse themselves in wonderful activities favored by many young people.

In Shoujo City 3D, you’ll get to experience how cute characters live in a real-life simulation world. You can explore what’s in it and get to know the female characters you are interacting with.

The characters in the game will have different personalities, and you will be able to use different elements to accomplish the game’s objectives. Be careful with your money.

This device needs a minimum of 2 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 625 processor.

Ideally, the device should have at least 3 GB of RAM (or more), and a Snapdragon 660 processor (or better).

A sandbox-style city exploration adventure combined with bishoujo visual novels makes up Shoujo City. Virtual 3D Tokyo is the setting for the game, which emphasizes otaku and anime culture. As the game begins, you’ll be given a unique anime girlfriend, and have to take care of her as you explore the city together as you date.

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Features of Shoujo City 3D Mod APK:

If you are dating your girlfriend, you can go on visual novel-style dates, or you can choose one of the alternative dating activities.

Clothing, accessories, snacks, food, and toys shopping.

You will have to use recipes and combine different foods to cook food for your anime girlfriend, in order to win her heart.

In the case of cosplay and customization, you can dress your character and your girlfriend according to their style.

* Unique girlfriends – every player will have a unique girlfriend with her own preferences. It is also possible to date a dakimakura pillow.

You can purchase anime figurines at UFO catchers to display in your apartment.

Yuri features a romantic relationship between two girls.

Shoujo City 3D Mod APK Premium Card Unlock Master Key-
Shoujo City 3D Mod APK Premium Card Unlock Master Key-


The player discovers a city of a reasonable size before his or her eyes, so that anyone will be delighted by the enjoyment it provides. The game will give players freedom to explore in an open world environment.

Throughout this game, you’ll experience daily life at school while interacting with other characters. You will go on a dating journey with another female character where you are trying to develop a relationship with her.

In Shoujo City 3D, you play the role of a female schoolgirl. You interact with various aspects to complete the game, including opening doors or purchasing items. A third-person view is also featured on all activities, which helps you explore the vast world. You’ll also need to work in this game, in addition to exploring.


There are two main female characters in this yuri-themed game, and you can interact with any element in the game to discover information about them. In the same vein, every action you take in the game is dependent on the mode you choose.

It is the Story Mode that is suitable for players who desire to master a cute female character from appearance to personality.

Within a set period of time, that is, seven days, you must defeat the character you want to play. If you want to accomplish the goal of the level, you will need to care about several things that you must consider during those seven days.

There is also a currency mechanism in this game that requires you to be careful about spending your money because many different things are available for purchase.

There will be a specific tenancy schedule and you will live in an apartment. In other words, this amount is a requirement to complete the objective in the game. You have to purchase a uniform at a convenience store in order to go to school if you wish to integrate into the school environment.

Moreover, you will have a constantly changing experience during the game and not simply exploring what is in it.

complete goal in the game
complete goal in the game


In Shoujo City 3D, the goals an environment offers reflect the realism and complexity of the action.

The game offers questions when you reach the school environment and connect with a character. This will convey the sense that you are living in a real-world setting, which also applies to flirting with other characters.

Though this game does not have a large number of characters, the ones you encounter can be interacted with and flirted with. Then you will build relationships with different characters as well as a single character. That is what’s called a route. Routes represent the path you take with a particular character and the way you complete it.

As you play the game, you will know who to flirt with within the game and start your process. These characters can be found all around the city. You can start interacting with a character you like.

You’ll also spend more time with her after that and begin to use specific techniques to increase her affection. Then, you can take them places or provide them with ice cream flavors that they enjoy.


Players can select the model they prefer for their experience in Shoujo City 3D. Accordingly, you will have a week to get to know a female character and to grow your affection for her.

The Free mode lets you avoid time pressure, but still be free to do what you like. Besides getting a girlfriend with customizable elements, you can also play in various modes that provide you with varied excitement.

shoujo city 3d
shoujo city 3d

Game Reviews:

“I like how this game is realistic in the money and work…. but it becomes annoying and boring because there are few choices, I mean, there is only two places to go to, it is difficult to do the maid job. In the beginning there is no much choice to make the character,….. I mean, the visuals are great but… it really isn’t… plUs you have to pay the premium to go to more places like 😃” By bts is my shiteu

“This game is incredible! The graphics are really nice, the characters characteristics are very unique too. I’m really happy, I’m also playing this on a android phone lol But…. I know this is weird but whenever I try break the school rule of only wearing underwear at the school, even while Laika is there…. It won’t let me take it off. Why is that? 😂😅” By Minori Kang

“100% recommend, Its such an amazing app. I had some ideas you can add thought! It would be nice if you can add an option to shop online through pc from home (but with higher price for delivery). I’d love also if you could add online mode : You can send a friend request to ppl around the world, if they accept, Then they can be your gf! and you can talk with them as well. It’d be also great if you could add more ambiance to the game : Such as cars passing by, different aged ppl passing by etc” By yansick

“This game is really fun i love it but there are some things that drive me nuts: First of all, after a while of playing the game just kicks me out and for some reason its ALWAYS after I do something productive like the maid cafe job and i would really appreciate it if you could fix this. Second: why would you make it a free game JUST to have people need to buy the entire game? I mean seriously that rediculous why would you even do that?” By Madison Allen Review Source Google Play Store


WHAT’S New in the Latest Version?

New magic mini-game. Bats. Room customization items and new clothes.

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