Spotify VS Apple Music – Which one is Best?

When it comes to streaming music, there are two major players in the game: Spotify and Apple Music. Each has its pros and cons, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Spotify boasts a library of over 50 million songs as well as personalized playlists that are tailored to your interests and tastes. It also offers playlists for different activities, such as running and working out, as well as collaborations with artists to create exclusive content. Additionally, it’s free to use, although there are premium options available that come with more features.

Apple Music has a smaller library, currently boasting around 45 million songs. However, its focus is on creating an immersive experience for its users, with more curated playlists and exclusive content. It also includes a radio feature that plays personalized stations based on your tastes. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music is only available as a paid subscription service.

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