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NameStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
PublisherElectronic Arts
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PlatformAndroid & PC
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Featuring bold and powerful heroes, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an action game that players will enjoy. As they face many formidable opponents, they will be able to show their leadership skills and fight with intensity. Get ready to discover new and exciting challenges here! Do not miss this fascinating game if you dream of being a great hero and are admired by many people.

This stunning graphic design will make any player impressed with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk. It is possible to say that you will see characters, spaceships, and adventures of Star Wars in front of your eyes. You will also get unlimited crystals, Money and all characters unlocked.

So, clearly, this game presents you with a lot of advantages you cannot ignore. This game also features unique weapons and a detailed design of all the elements. You will get unlimited Crystals, energy and money.

Features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK:


Game fans who like the hit film of the same name will find this title entirely familiar and of interest. Besides the villain’s lines, you’ll also have to deal with aliens and space monsters. You will have wonderful experiences during such a time. It appears that some characters in this game will use a LightSaber, another Star Wars feature.

build your squad (1)
build your squad (1)


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes offers elements that make its mechanics easy to understand, such as a Tutorial. It is also not too complicated, so it takes the player only a few minutes to learn.

As they travel on their journey, they will become more familiar with the vast and beautiful universe that the game presents. As they progress through the game, they are always faced with difficulties.

Despite its turn-based strategy gameplay, the game has its own mechanics. It is specific to the characters owned by players that they will play matches with. Your choice of attack will vary depending on which character you are controlling.

Similarly, whoever defeats an opponent’s forces gets experience points and items that will help you upgrade your character in the future. You can also check Dokkan Battle Ball Z Mod Apk.

battle through eras (1)
battle through eras (1)

Every character begins the game with two skills. Various characters have their own unique attacks. To use your attacking skills, your team will have a health bar and a mana bar. In order to pass each level, players must observe the game and come up with reasonable plans. You will get all characters unlocked.


As previously mentioned, the game features turn-based gameplay. Different levels will allow you to explore the game and collect the necessary materials. In some levels you’ll have to participate in more than a tiny match.

Left of the screen is a list of how many rounds you must go through. A failure in the first round may also occur unintentionally if you fail to calculate carefully. The game also offers everything unlimited.

Although the game gives you the chance to interact with many different characters, it is not easy to bring them all into a group. In a similar manner, you’ll have to use a gaming ingredient to do this, like in a gacha system.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Unlimited Crystals Apk (1)
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Unlimited Crystals Apk (1)

Nonetheless, this mechanism also generates excitement along with inhibition as it may not always be possible to attract characters with great skills and great power.

Furthermore, if you are unable to progress to higher characters in a short time, you need to develop the strength of your team. The game allows you to control multiple characters, and each character has two skills.

The leveling of other skills will require much experience and materials. Upon meeting certain conditions, these skills will automatically be opened.

level up your heroes (1)
level up your heroes (1)


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes lets you experience Star Wars in an impressive Star Wars world that allows you to explore the universe in whatever way suits you. In addition to taking part in adventure games, players will meet old friends and face many different enemies.

To help you deal with problematic enemies ahead, you can add some strong characters to your team simultaneously. Make sure you level up your characters so they can gain new skills.

defeat epic bosses (1)
defeat epic bosses (1)

My Personal Review about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Game:

It is a fantastic game with fantastic modes and characters, but one thing it could use is an overhaul of the graphics for the characters. Similarly, I believe that the dodging animations should vary depending on if your opponent is a force user, a smuggler, etc. If you are killing someone, you should also include variations to the move.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Crystals download 2022
  • Unlock everything
  • Unlimited everything

What’s New in the Latest Version?

The Journey Guide has been updated with a streamlined experience and a brand new look!
* Visual update: Access Journey Guide directly from the Cantina and enjoy new menus and icons.
* Journey Guide menu revamp: Sort by tiers of difficulty and type with battle requirements and rewards clearly specified.
* Unit requirement tracking: Units/gear required for the next step of your desired Journey Guide unit are clearly marked throughout the game.


Despite its wideness and mystery, the universe has always been a topic that many people love. A creative idea is always the starting point for producers of films and games to develop the most enjoyable experience for viewers. There are exciting places to go to or unusual characters to meet.

It is a classic and a huge success when it comes to taking on the universe’s theme as Star Wars. The company has also sold related products like games since then. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk, the title introduced today, is also the title of the film.

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