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Kitka Games has developed a puzzle game called Stumble Guys. The gameplay and graphics of the game stand out in comparison to other battle games, along with its fun characters and colorful graphics. Gaming enthusiasts have flocked to it. Over half of the game’s players – 56,000 – came from Steam.

A wild, chaotic, obstacle-filled race, Stumble Guys Mod APK features 60 contestants competing in a race to the end to determine who will be the last one standing. You have to run, jump, windsurf, and decode minigames to overcome unruly opponents. Finally, at the end of each round, be the first to reach the crown.

There are two modes in the game: individual and team. The players can fight alone against the world or team up with another group to deal with other groups. This Battle Royale game is more entertaining than other Battle Royale games. Even if you lose, you should still laugh at other players’ challenges.

It is a fun action game with fun graphics and humorous gameplay. The game offers a chance to win a prize in every season.

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Stumble Guys mod apk 2021
Stumble Guys mod apk 2021

Detailed information:

There are only a few games played by the biggest streamers in the world, including Stumble Guys. Initially, NICKMERCS and Myth were the only Twitch streamers to watch the game. There were numerous other leading streamers who livestreamed this game, including PewDiePie, Ninja, Pokimane, and Sergio Agüero, the striker of Manchester City.

The popularity of streamers in the entertainment industry has increased dramatically over the past five years. There are tens of thousands to millions of viewers watching each livestream performed by famous streamers.


  • Pass your opponents by running, sliding, and dash. No matter who is on your team, you must beat them all.
  • Various obstacles are on the way. Losing time and momentum can be a result of this. In order to avoid all obstacles, you have to be cautious.
  • On mobile devices, you can play the game Stumble Guys, which is a multiplayer, real-time battle royale game.
  • Take a look at this crazy and colorful design. You’ll enjoy the game’s design, and the colors blend beautifully.
  • This game has a comical physical aspect.
  • In this game, you can customize different aspects. Customizing your character is possible with these options. Your character will appear unique, as well as your gaming experience.
  • You can complete different levels. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases.
  • This game features a variety of hilarious falls.
  • Download Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlocked everything

How to Play Stumble Guys?

The Kitka Games team released the game a short while ago. Thousands of cute characters are now available for players to enjoy while playing the fun Battle Royale. Toward the end of the article, let’s examine some tips and tricks that will make the game easier to win. In the present day, it is impossible to deny the popularity of this fun survival game even though the Stumble Guys server system is constantly backed up because they have so many players online.

Basic Gameplay:

Those who are familiar with Battle Royale survival games will probably imagine gun-filled, violence-filled worlds. The situation is different with this game. A familiar survival scenario informs the game.

The goal of this game is to overcome obstacles, eliminate opponents from the race, and play mini-games until the last survivor remains.

Generally, one match will present many challenges to Stumble Guys. When you want to overcome a stage like that, it requires a different strategy and mindset.

Full use chaos: 

Taking advantage of great moments quickly and at the right time is often what wins the day. The same applies to this game. If you ignore the surrounding opponents, no matter how great your skills may be, you’ll get hugged and fall off the floor. Eventually, the fight will break out. How should we proceed here? Taking advantage of chaos and many opponents is a great way to get above the chaos. It is very easy for you to defeat your opponents.

Always keep an eye out for your opponent: 

Survival is a battle and you are at risk of being eliminated. When in an arena, it’s best to keep a safe distance from your opponents. A fuzzy hand can be an assassin or a hidden assassin specialized in precautionary prey.

Don’t give up:

 Win a game or at least have fun and laugh at a game. No matter the reason, one should never give up too soon.

Three main technical actions:

Those who do not master these basic moves have failed many times.


To master jumping, you must first master some basic movements. When obstacles are a certain height, they are simple to overcome. The danger comes if you jump without paying attention or if you do not choose the angle correctly.

Please keep an eye on how high and how far you will jump, whether you bump into someone when you land, and whether the grounding position gives you an edge when you jump. As part of the SeeSaw or Gate Crash phase, a quick reaction is required.


Taking time to return to normal posture after bending over, the character leans down again. You will easily be able to take part in stages such as Fall Ball, Tail Tag, and See Saw once you have learned how to dive when needed.


 In terms of skill and proficiency, it is the profession that requires the most skills. Some states, like Slime Climb and Egg Scramble, require players to cling to the edge of the wall as they jump up and climb up. Getting better at team match modes such as Hoarders also helps. Your teammates will have been able to assist you in Egg Scramble by preventing the opponent from taking the ball.

Always follow your leader’s lead:

All 60 players, including you, have the ability to be eliminated at any time. Personal ownership may be excellent, but it is only the basics. Finally, luck and tactics play a role. Follow the top players if you want to succeed.

Because it occurs continuously in a mini-game like Perfect Match, you keep track of the icon in order to jump to safety. It is a misconception many people hold. If the continent faces difficulties, it is best to jump to the right spot where the top group has already jumped.

Make your character unique:

Despite the fact that Stumble Guys are not beautifully designed or as realistic as 3D games, their cuteness makes up for it. Customize your appearance to make your character stand out.

As a default character, you will find a young man in a painted hat and T-shirt set.t. You want to give him an unusual appearance, but he’s pretty faint? For the old hat, you can replace it with a new hairstyle. Wear a suit or a hip-hop outfit to change that casual look into something more formal.

Furthermore, the game has the ability to transform you into a cop, a cowboy, or even a witch thanks to its skin set.

Unlimited money and gems
Unlimited money and gems

Conquer the most challenging challenges:

It features a variety of maps. Maps correspond to the challenges you’ll face on each quest. It is an obstacle course that employs plenty of traps and obstacles in dangerous locations, if the player is unprepared and unaware, he is easily returned to the starting line.

Game maps are quite nice. The system selects the map at random before the race starts. There are always new elements inside the game, so players will never get bored. Moreover, the track is more entertaining than ever because of the constant accidents.

It is very rare for a player to compete only once and successfully complete the race. Snowballs are pushing people down, cameras cause accidents, and slippery slopes cause people to fall down.

Taking part in the competition is tough:

The competition is fiercer than ever when there are up to 32 players involved. Players have a lot of pitfalls to avoid, which causes them to fall, even though there is no fighting or playing badly on the opponent.

The player starts at the bottom if there is an accident. The competition lasted until 16 people finished.

Players should take caution when moving, based on my experience. Take it slow and carefully. Whether you stagger or not is all that matters to Stumble Guys. It’s a no-win situation. The gold board of the game system is a way for you to accumulate ranking points.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Saraswathi:

I like the game overall, this is just a suggestion as a user. Kindly provide an option for players to select the games when they form a party. It’s fun to play the games we want as friends. Also you can still keep the random option available so that users who want to enjoy playing games randomly in a party can also use it that way, without damaging the originality of the game. It’ll also allow the developers to see what kind of games majority of the users prefer and create more new games.


3 stars because of the connectivity issues. Most games when there is an unstable internet connection or when the wifi turns off for 1 millisecond.. it wouldnt quit the game and return us to the main page, but this does..even if thr is a slightttt like very slight or slow internet itll take u back to main page. Amazing gameplay though.

Reviewed By Harishvar Chegaran:

im too addicted in this game. but there are a lot of problems. if you fixed that i will rate 5 star to this game. 1. my ping goes to high for no reason. 2. decrease the amount of stumble pass 1200 gems to 600 gems. 3. there is a lot of bugs in this game. 4.there is too many adds in this game. 5. If i see any tournament was that we can play but its loading and it didnt come and if i tap the play button its shows loading to next match. In next update i hope that ktika games will fix this problems.

Reviewed By Ligim is cool:

I really enjoy playing this game with my friends, there isn’t many ads and it’s very simple and enjoyable although the Punching emoji has really been annoying me a lot many times I have lost due to being punched which is irritating and makes the games less enjoyable as people with the emoji have an unfair advantage please disable this feature and this game would be 10/10. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • New Map: Jungle Roll
  • New skins
  • Improved UI
  • Changed variants to be separate skins -> everyone who owns variants will see them automatically convert
  • Skins have rarities
  • Removed ad limit, can get battle pass with free gems

In conclusion:

It’s easy to play, and it’s fun, so everyone likes Stumble Guys MOD APK. This game is very simple to play. There is a Jelly Bean falling from the sky. The game begins here. Secondly, this race will consist of up to 60 players of many different colors with up to 60 beans each. To find the last survivor, everyone will take part in each game screen.

In order to cross the finish line, you will have to overcome obstacles such as giant soccer balls and other large objects. By becoming the last player left, you will win. It resembles a field stadium game outside. It is a mixture of cute and justly graphics. It looks like the obstacles are quite amusing. Many people enjoy watching those things while sitting in front of their computer screens at night.

People were dying to play it on PlayStation, according to EuroGamer. Therefore, they took it offline to provide more service. It is also similar to Mario Party and Mario Kart. Those games might bring back memories. Mastering Stumble Guys doesn’t require tons of skill or being a serious gamer. It will take you only an hour to learn how to operate the machine.

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