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NameSuper Tank Rumble
PublisherSmilegate Megaport
Mod FeaturesNo
RequirementsAndroid 5.0

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The casual game Super Tank Rumble is developed by Smilegate Megaport and available on Google Play. Become the winner of the battle by designing your own unique tank. Discover beautiful destinations while showing who is boss.

With tons of options to customize your tank, you do not have to share a tank with everyone else. Defeat your opponents in dangerous combat. Customize your tank to your heart’s content.

Your tank can be designed however you like. Take part in massive battles with players from around the world while playing online. Improve your tank and impress other players by destroying them.

You can change your gameplay experience by making huge towering tanks that shoot everyone down easily. With flame throwers, you can burn others to the ground. The game will be even more enjoyable if you download Super Tank Rumble MOD APK for unlimited resources.

The game is available for Android, iOS, and PC as well. There are different versions V4.8.13, and V4.7.4.

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Features of Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

  • Would you like to create your own monster battle tank? You can do so by playing this game.
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to complete complex challenges.
  • Impress your friends with your cool tank.
  • Become the best tanker by making your tank a beast.
  • Make your tank stronger by upgrading it.
  • By completing tough challenges, you will gain levels and earn rewards.
  • Ensure that your tank is armed to the teeth with various weapons.

A highlight of Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk is the fact that you must annihilate your opponents in order to gain rewards. The tank can be built from blocks. You can customize your tank in this game by using many different parts.

To customize your tank, you can collect up to 100 pieces. The parts are easy to collect. Destroying an enemy will automatically reward you with parts. With countless combinations of pieces and upgrades, you can determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

Your tank can have different abilities and capabilities. However, if you go overboard, you will have difficulty defeating your enemy. Think carefully before upgrading your tank. The best way to construct your tank would be to make it reflect your personality.

You must complete an assortment of challenges, upgrade your tank, and make it invincible in order to level up. Take care to aim carefully at your enemies. Unless you learn how to aim accurately and quickly, you can’t win this game.

Even if you wait a little longer, the enemy will destroy your tank. Move quickly. You should also try autopilot mode in order to make gameplay more straightforward. In autopilot mode, enemies will be automatically targeted. When using a second weapon, such as a machine gun, it is better to use autopilot mode.

You need powerful weapons to win battles. Become a champion on the battlefield by improving your weapons. In spite of how cool and powerful your tank looks, if you do not equip it with the right weapons, it will be crushed by the enemy.

In this game, there are many weapons to choose from, including Cannons, Spikes, Flame throwers, and Machine Guns. Inflicting different types of damage on an enemy depends on the weapon’s properties. Select weapons that are suitable for your play style. Different boosters can help you defeat an enemy.

It is even possible to fly above the enemies and destroy them quickly. There are more weapons to equip as you level up. Super cannons can be obtained by reaching a higher level. Tanks have both super cannons. It is a powerful weapon because you can attack enemies who are behind you while firing at those who are in front of you at the same time.

Super Tank Rumble MOD APK

Most players enjoy completing many difficult missions, earning coins, and advancing through levels. A small number of players are the exact opposite. For a particular reward or level up, they do not want to spend a lot of time playing games.

Basically, they just want to have fun playing the game. You can play Super Tank Rumble MOD APK with unlimited resources to make the gameplay better. Use them to defeat your opponents and buy the items you want.

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked everything
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • All parts unlocked
  • Free shopping

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Super Tank Rumble for free?

Yes, you can download it for free.

How difficult is Super Tank Rumble?

This is not a difficult game at all.

How safe is it to download Super Tank Rumble MOD APK?

Downloading it is completely safe. There are no viruses and it is not corrupted.

What are the system requirements for Super Tank Rumble on PC?

It is possible to play Super Tank Rumble on your computer with the help of an emulator.

Let’s Wrap this Up:

2D graphics make this game stand out. It is easy to control. There is no learning curve. There are no complicated menus. There is no comparison to the level design and physics of this game. You will enjoy this game if you enjoy shooting things up and love explosions.

The game offers many options that allow you to customize your tank to make it unique and cool-looking, unlike other tank games. A highly recommended game for those who want to experience the feeling of being on the battlefield and fighting a battle.

This game provides an awesome gameplay experience as you are never bored of blowing up tanks. Besides sharing replays with friends, you can also show off your war beast skills. Playing this game will help you kill time. It’s true that this game is excellent, but some players find the start a bit difficult.

You become addicted to this game once you learn how to fight and how to destroy enemy tanks easily. You can download the MOD APK for even more fun.

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