Tales of Wind Mod APK Private Server Unlimited Money 2022

DeveloperNEOCRAFT Limited
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version4.1.8
Total installs5,000,000+
Requirements4.2 and up
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Last updatedToday

Download The Mod Apk Latest Version of Tales of Wind, The Best Role Playing Game of Android, This Mod Is Provide Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Levels, Free Shopping, Ads Free Mod, Everything, user-friendly. 

Various characters are available for you to choose from. To complete missions, you must train and upgrade them.

The game allows you to create heroes. It is possible to customize the characters. It is very enjoyable to dress your character up.

In this game, there are different types of heroes. They each possess unique abilities and skills. To power them up, you must use cards.  For other apps, check Roblox Mod APK.

You have to fight the monsters in order to get the cards. There are also beautiful pets to be found here. The controls are simple.

It is very easy to win battles in this game. This game has a very large landscape. The landscape can be explored with friends. 

Playing online with other gamers is also an option. Different game modes are available. A romantic adventure is also available.

Multiple missions are available in this game. The missions follow the storyline. A player versus player mode is also available.

Tales of wind mod apk download latest version for Android
Tales of wind mod apk download latest version for Android

How to Power Up Your Heroes?

Powering up your heroes requires different cards. You receive the cars after winning a battle.

There are four colors on the card: purple, blue, and gold. 

Every card has a different monster’s name on it. The soul of the monster enters the card when it is defeated. Heroes’ skills and abilities can be improved by using the cards.

Welcome, the chosen one.

La Place, the city blessed by divines is under the shadow of evil nowadays.

To bring the light back, we need your power to uncover the truth behind.

This action MMORPG features cute characters and soothing sounds

You can choose from tons of outfits

Pets and mounts can be captured and traveled with

Transform now by equipping Cards of power

Gain superior power by defeating powerful monsters and sealing them in soul cards

Its party time
Its party time

Use the powerful skills of monsters by transforming into them

Explore a vast world with your friends

In PVE dungeons, good teamwork is essential.

Many different gameplay modes to choose from

More than 20 different casual modes including racing, shooting, and quizzes

In your adventure, meet your destined love

-Meets your soul mate along the way

Use your wisdom and courage to complete the 2-player tasks

To make a commitment to love in church with the priest

-Manage the lovely farm only for you two

You can empower the kingdom when you value yourself

Take part in kingdom missions to help promote the course of history with players all over the world

Defend the honor of your guild

You will need a strategy and power to defeat other guilds in GVG battles

Join in on guild parties, feasts and quizzes with your comrades

You should let the wind take you on a journey of bravery

Experience real-time PVP arena battles and show off your skills

-Create your own elite team and fight for victory

How to Play? (Tales of Wind Gameplay)

Gameplay in Tales of Wind will have you playing as the main character. RPGs are heavily featured here. This is your story.

There are evil forces that threaten the land, so you have to protect them. It is possible to customize your appearance and become a hero.

To begin, you must collect the quest.

By practicing battle skills, you will be able to defeat your enemies. Completing quests requires you to use your abilities.

Once you’re done, you’re free to go on any adventure. To win more battles, you need to build up your character and power it up.

The game is easy to control. There are rewards to collect. It will give you more power.

Player Reviews:

Reviewed By Angelofdarkness 0o0:

This game is great, i have no problem with outfits and the graphics are beautiful. But yes if your aiming to be a top player without paying be expected to work night and day, it takes much longer to obtain items and level up, the outfit gachas have been fair to me so far but in any other aspect i walk around being a ritter when everyone is a much higher level than me. Its not impossible to catch up but you feel small in this ranking system.

Reviewed By KieraaLC -:

Honestly. I thought this was the best mobile game I had ever played. Yeah no I learned that recently they honestly don’t care to help you or value your feedback. They have now made their discord “validate your phone number” to chat. The game is f2p with elements of p2w but even if you “top up” they will never see you as important. Their mindset has and always will be “it’s our game, we do what we want. Don’t like it? Don’t play” I’ve made friends in game so I feel like I can’t even leave.

Reviewed By Cipto -:

I just love it all, but story is not that good i dont even bother played it, tough luck made this game not quite easy somehow. The game doesnt require p2w its all depends luck the better u try maybe u can reach far soon enough, It have many features to up BR rating and much events even support f2p players and this game have better system for guild makes it crowd and allowed mode cross server party. Many things in this game are great and fun to play.

Reviewed By Imran Jahan:

The guild option should be like anyone can create own guild as just one person without needing others to join the guild as a condition to create the guild at all but others can join the guild and also the 360° option should be available too but rather than such matters this game is so good which will be more good with the subscribed such matters attached must. Reviews Source

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Game Screenshots:

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Update contents:
1. 2.5-year Anniversary, time limited superb benefits!
2. New Misty Corridor – Fiery Oubliette
3. Lv.106 unlocked
4. Halloween Eve, Trick or Treat Night

1. Added Lv.105 Equipment Emblem drop for Snowland – Nightmare in Misty Corridor;
2. Added new boss – Killer Lolita to Gate of Time;
3. Optimized the screen adaption of iPhone 13;
4. Fixed the overlapping problem of interact icons in photo mode;

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